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New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse – 10.06.2021

the next New Moon is on 10th June at 10.52 am UT
it is an Annular Solar / Ring of Fire eclipse – visibility and further information here.
together with the Total Lunar Eclipse from 26th of May it opens the new eclipse season and sets the tone for the next half year
Moon and Sun are at 19°47’ Gemini
conjunct Mercury (20°41’ rx Gemini), square Neptune (23°08’ Pisces), trine Saturn (13°15’ rx Aquarius), and sit between the fixed stars Hoedus I and Hoedus II in the constellation of Auriga – the Kid Goats in the left arm of the Charioteer – and Bellatrix in the constellation of Orion – the left shoulder of the Hunter.
information, exchange (input – output, receiving – giving), communication will be a major theme. breakdowns in communication, technology, nervous system, arguments, deception, confusion, lies, mis-understandings, -diagnosis, -conception, – interpretation, -placement, items or the feeling of oneself getting lost, etc etc are possibilities. 
the benefit of these energies is to become aware of our thinking, to refine our listening to the words we create and we receive; to really listen, with our heart to words we hear (spoken and unspoken) and words we think/speak ourselves; is what we hear really what was meant?; to choose our words more consciously, to choose words carrying the frequency of Truth, Divine Love.
that implies that we spend time to become conscious of our truth, our True Self, our Eternal Soul, which is a wonderful thing to do – though this can scatter all we have thought to be real, to be our structure and our meaning so far – which, after the initial confusion, is also a wonderful thing  : ))
another way of looking at it, is to open our minds, to let go of all we thought we knew, of all fixed ideas and beliefs about us and the world, because when the mind is open, wisdom can enter. wisdom and conscious understanding that emanates from the heart of the Creative Life Force (Higher Power, Divine Intelligence).
another theme over the next half year is to work with dreams and deepen our understanding of their structure and language, as well as to dream more consciously, to weave (to word) our dreams more consciously. 
the Annular Solar Eclipse (like any eclipse) offers an alchemical process and great change.
The Moon is passing directly in front of the Sun like in a Total Solar eclipse, but due to the fact that the Moon is too far away from the Earth at the moment, it is not big enough to fully cover the complete face of the Sun. What happens is that a bright Annulus, a Ring of Fire, surrounds the New Moon silhouette at mid-eclipse (lasting 3.51 minutes). 
This Ring of Fire is like an alchemical Cauldron burning away whatever needs to be burned down so that something new can be birthed, so that we can step out of the limiting perception we have of reality, of us etc. and can perceive something new, can experience something new – about us, about the world, about time etc. especially regarding the truest gemini qualities of joyful, open exploration, freedom, inquisitiveness. where do we deny us to explore, to play, to have fun / where are we thinking „i have to do, accomplish, …“?
or think about this: the sun stands for the „I“, my definition about myself. in gemini about me as a magical playful being. within less than two hours I can let the old definition I had about being playful and free and magical burn away and within less than 4 minutes birth a new, healthier, one 🙂
eclipses allow us to discover more about the mysteries, especially about time as they accelerate our experience of time. the change from day to night and back to a new day happens within less than two hours during this Annular Solar Eclipse. a portal opens through which we can access other timelines and also can create a new one. and, like resetting a clock, we can reset our direction, our perspective of and our orientation in life. 
on 12th June Inanna steps through the 2nd gate on her ascend from the underworld. this is a great time to work with any Gemini Goddess – Rainbow Goddess, Great Scribe, Changing Woman, Mistress of Magic,… – to awaken the magical goddess within us; to activate our playfulness, imagination, co-creative alchemy, shapeshifter skills, and magical consciousness. tapping into the rich, endless creativity, we can unravel and rewrite our own story.
the Uranus-Saturn square (of the whole year 2021) will be exact on 14th June – which will increase conflict and add to the changing qualities – sudden unexpected unwanted changes of structures (earthquakes), rules, regulations, restrictions, time management. this also offers us the option to get rid of our own limitations and restrictive structures we have been creating in our lives, that prevented us from healthy expressions of playful, creative fun; where we have been allowing others to manipulate our perspective. during this eclipse we can choose to feel into our own truth of what is real.
bottom line: be prepared for major breakdowns in the world and around you, accept them, and feed into this collective process your own personal sacred fire cauldron, which is breaking and burning down all un-sacredness and un-truthfulness, all falsities, of yourself. 
it is a great opportunity to work consciously with the power of this Annular Solar Eclipse. whatever our intention is, wherever we place our attention during the Annular Solar Eclipse, gets accelerated and empowered. it is a great time to become aware of who we truly are (have always been), to grow our self-consciousness, to be free to determine our own spiritual path.
connecting and consciously aligning (as much as possible) with the intent of the eclipse energy helps us to ride the wave of changes in the most beneficial way possible.
I love not just reading about the fixed stars but also pondering about the richness Anne Wright has put together, to listen with my entire system to eg. Auriga (au-self + riga-ruler), who is also the Greek Erichthonius (Eri-strife + chtonius – of the Earth with a snake as his feet, and how their meaning adds to the energies that we live in. also noteworthy is that the fixed stars mentioned above all point to the left side, the intuitive side…
working with the fixed stars also strengthens my connection with the stars within me, to deepen my understanding of them. – as always, plunge as deeply into what is offered, leave your comfort zone as much as you so wish 🙂
find time if possible during the 100 minutes of the eclipse, or sometime between Wednesday and Friday (drum, walk the eighth, meditate etc) and enjoy this passageway, this alchemical process of purification and empowerment and the rebirthing of ourselves as a species in harmony with the rest of creation. 
image credit: Abel Pardo López / flickr
New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse – 10.06.2021

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