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Full Moon – 20.10.2021

the next Full Moon is on 20th October at 2.56 pm UT
Moon is at 27°26’ Aries (Sun 27°26’ Libra)
opposite Mars (23°20’ Libra), square Pluto (24°21’ Capricorn), sextile Jupiter (22°20’ Aquarius), sesquiquadrate Venus (14°06’ Sagittarius), semisquare Lilith (10°26’ Gemini), conjunct fixed star Al Pherg in the constellation Pisces.
intense and challenging weeks are ahead of us.
flaring up of anger, impulsiveness, irritation, arguments, fights, conflicts is still strong. most likely in relationships.
the best is to channel those energies into body movement, workout, yoga, running, some kind of healthy competition.
we could end up in power struggles, defensive aggression, ruthlessness, manipulation, guilt (taking it on or putting it on others), abuse, violence as our compulsive and destructive behaviours are activated. 
the best is we allow ourselves to become aware of them, and gently bring them into the light. our deeply buried feelings thus can flood to the surface and on, on, on, into the Great River. nothing to judge, nothing to change but allowing the transformation to unfold.
it is a great time to expand our awareness of our deep running fear-based mechanisms, some as old as Lilith and some so old we don’t even know when they have started. we can release them all, as well as all (resulting) unhealthy relationships, work situations etc. 

yes, this is a time of death. we live in a time of death. and it is our fear of death itself that we are confronted with, as it lies behind all fears. the medicine is to DIE BEFORE YOU DIE. this was the inscription in Eleusis, and it is as valid today as it has been then. when we die we experience death and understand what it truly is. with this also freedom comes, as we also see who we truly are.
this Full Moon offers the death of the identifications our small self has held so high and important for so many centuries. it is up to us to take this offer, we always have a choice. may the poem of a dear bee sister of mine support you in this process.
Peace with loss

It’s time to make peace with the loss
that comes with this life
It’s built in
It is what happens
that is guaranteed
and will unfold every time, any moment
Dear friends die, mothers, fathers
friendship ends
Illness strikes,
my body will perish
It just is
It begins,
so it ends
It is part of the circle of live
Death is

Stop resisting
I say to myself
the “what is”

even embrace
now space for gratitude can open
I know
It does not last
its precious
this moment
this body
this friend
this love

~ gisela stromeyer

we can if we so wish use this Full Moon energy of strong will, and with breath and imagination, once and for all, step out of the victim role, release all fears. determination and steadiness will bring success, expanded awareness, spiritual development and liberation. 
it is then, that we can creatively use the strong energies of this Full Moon, let our passion unfold, take initiative to express who we are in truth, and find access to the so called mysteries.
use the Moon window between Tuesday and Thursday (drum, meditate, walk the eight), giving yourself the permission to release and transform.
image credit: Darkmoon Art / pixabay
Full Moon – 20.10.2021

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