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New Moon – 4.11.2021

the next New Moon is on 4th November at 9.15 pm UT
this New Moon – at the beginning of November and not on the 31st of October – is what (in the Northern hemisphere) originally was the beginning of Samhain. It is the end of the summer (sam-fin) and the beginning of the dark half of the year. The centre theme is death. The old Sun god of the year dies, the goddess of vegetation now rules in the underworld. It is the time of honouring the dead, our ancestors, and to let die what we no longer need. The old wise ones knew: no life without death, no light without darkness. Samhain is the free space between the old and the new. The veils are thin, the other worlds are close, therefore much used for oracular work.
This is the last Moon ending the current eclipse season (which began with the eclipses end May and mid June). The more we allow death to take its part now, the more space we also make for the next eclipses (which happen mid November and early December). 
Moon and Sun are at 12°40’ Scorpio
opposite Uranus (12°47’ Taurus), square Saturn (7°22’ Aquarius), quincunx Lilith (12°07’ Gemini), trine Neptune (20°35’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed stars Alphecca in the Northern CrownMenkent in the constellation of the Centaurus (often associated with Chiron and interestingly the New Moon has a wide quincunx to Chiron, who is in sextile to Lilith) and Acrux in the Southern Cross
The most influential energy of this New Moon is Uranus. We can expect sudden changes and unexpected challenges, clashing with tradition and structures of order – be this old established or fairly newly created ones. Once again the square that is dominant for the whole year (Saturn-Uranus) is activated with this Moon.
Uranus breaks things apart, Saturn wants to create. With Saturn in Aquarius we are reminded that our divine destiny is to cocreate a new reality based on the principles of Divine Order. We are reminded in these changing and challenging times to establish Universal Divine Love, Divine Justice, and Divine Knowing and a conscious understanding emanating from the heart of the Creative Life Force, Higher Power, Divine Intelligence or whatever you like to call it.
Also if we are faced with riots, rebellions, new government restrictions, volcano outbreaks, earthquakes, electricity cuts, job losses, break ups with loved ones, etc. We are invited to stay attuned to the high vibrational energy of Love no matter what is happening in our outer world.
The best way to deal with this is to encounter our innermost unique independent expressions. Be this through struggling (externally or internally) or through exploring new exciting ways to live and enjoy life’s fullness. Either can leave us unsettled and stir anxieties („what if…, what now?!“). We can ride this change best without resistance, without pre-concepts of how things should be, and be open for the unusual, the unknown. 
We have the opportunity to experience that freedom and connectedness are not contradictory. What happens when what I like to call false connections, connections that we think we need, that we depend upon, crumble away, when we free ourselves and step into our freedom within, is that we also step into the connection with all that is. We in truth are never not connected, it is our mind that creates separation, and because of this the need for whatever so we feel connected. Disconnection and separateness are an illusion.
There are likely going to be some break ups – self-made because of realisations, revelations what/who doesn’t belong to our life anymore or being acted out by others/circumstances/nature herself. Which can go hand in hand with disillusionments. Again, the invitation is let go, let go, let go and be open for the new. 
Another great opportunity of this New Mon is to deepen our intuition and our dream abilities. We can plunge into the magic and mystic, the hidden side of things. We can regain our power as witches and wizards, healers, seers, wise ones and reconnect/reactivate the free powerful Self before it was expelled (Lilith), persecuted and defiled (uncountable beings over thousands of years).
You can use any time of the Moon window between Wednesday and Friday to work with the New Moon’s energies.
You might want to look back to May/June and what the eclipse season has set in motion for you, what attention you have set then, and to bring it to a close.
You might want to focus on freeing yourself (from how things, others and yourself should be) and find your (true) self.
You might want to join the sweat lodge I hold or do one yourself.
You might want to walk the eternal path of the lemniscate.
You might want to sit around a sacred fire, place offerings for the Little Folk.
You might want to drum.
You might want to keep watch for a meteor. The Taurid meteor shower produces spectacular fireballs. The New Moon will make it nicely dark, increasing the chances of being blinded and wowed …  
You might want to meditate, enter the Void, sit in the dark, spend time in stillness. The poem of a dear sister of mine might inspire you. 
Whatever – may the Samhain Moon transform and bless you!

When I am sitting in the dark,
dark enough with just a little bit of light,
I am fortunate to find myself in a deep place,
my open heart still
I can see the pattern of life swirling around me. Fast and ever moving in all directions connecting us,
expressing all,
lines of colorful light,
shapes appearing and disappearing, profoundly weaving me into their space.
If I have courage, I stay awake and become one. If I get afraid of knowing, it goes away. Still I always feel blessed knowing it’s there, always there, the weave
that weaves us
all together.

~ gisela stromeyer
image credit: squarefrog / pixabay
New Moon – 4.11.2021

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