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New Moon – 6.10.2021

the next New Moon is on 6th October at 11.05 am UT
Moon and Sun are at 13°24’ Libra
conjunct Mars (13°58’ Libra) and Mercury (20°17’ rx Libra), quincunx Uranus (13°55’ rx Taurus), semisquare Venus (28°54’ Scorpio), opposite Chiron (10°31’ rx Aries), trine Lilith (8°52’ Gemini), conjunct fixed star Algorab in the constellation of Corvus, the Raven. 
this New Moon looks like a lot of energy to me.
there is an extreme impulse for action, there is stirred up old pain/trauma, there is the urge to break free, there is the desire for new truthful stories. and there are also blocked communication and lies. not a good combination
I don’t think that any of us is in danger of turning to violence but we can find ourselves in a world where all of a sudden there is an outbreak of this potentially destructive energy. be it physical violence, murder, rape, rebellion, protests, even war, and/or destructive lies, variations of truth because that looks better, or virtual sabotage such as cyber attacks. 
to avoid being rushed into something malefic, into a destructive discussion, any fiasco, wrong handling (especially electronic devices that don’t work anymore) or accidents, it is helpful to work more than usual with our inner balance, our centre line (the golden thread), with our breath to stay in the present and in ourselves. it is good to find a way for expressing all which is stirred and needs to get out that is in alignment with our essence, our true divine nature. sidetone: Pluto just stationed direct a few hour prior to this New Moon, reminding us to reclaim our wholeness and accessing our full potential. without fear to let go of what is not belonging to our true self, of our false identities.
we could feel charged with electricity and passion and at the same time having to handle a huge basket of energy. there is no way to just sit with it, this is energy that wants to be put in action. on a positive note, this New Moon can give us the necessary courage to act. what we have to make sure is that it comes from the place of our divinity. otherwise we might end up being annoyed, irritated, impatient, aggressive, and/or nervous, tense, anxious; we could lose our temper, be too hectic, restless, stumble into injuries (verbally, physically, emotionally)… 

another positive aspect of this New Moon is that it is connecting us with visions that go beyond ordinary reality. the Universe is in communication with us every moment of our lives. it is up to us to use all of our senses to be aware of this communication. we have so many distractions which pull us in so many different directions. it is helpful to take some time away from technology, artificial light and recirculated air, and to reconnect ourself to the natural world, breathing fresh air, feeling the sunshine or wind on our face, watching birds in flight, smelling flowers, touching trees and feeling the earth beneath our feet. the magic lies in reconnecting to the Universe through the Great Mother and the elements. finding the magic sets us free.
use the Moon window (walk the eight, drum, meditate) between Tuesday and Thursday to drop into your innermost centre and align with the Above and the Below from where all healthy expression comes forth.
image credit: ArtTower / pixabay
New Moon – 6.10.2021

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