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Message from the Spirit World – 22.05.2020

The intention of the last tele study circle was: to dream our new self, from the honeycomb – to receive an image, an inkling, a feeling, a smell, a taste, etc etc of it. There s still a lot of „work“: to let all grief and anger from thousands of years – not just from my own life – flow, to clean house, to raise our energy, to find the other 5 (or by now fewer, in case one has already found some) of one’s honeycomb, ….  We aren’t yet in the new but from the honeycomb we can get an impression, an inkling about how and who we will be.

The answer from the spirits:

Under the earth, in the spider’s web, sleeping at last,

go deep into the darkness 
and reclaim your ability to dream

and reclaim your ability to weave vibration

take off the masks, decay
and reclaim your clear vision

fly to the sun and the stars, burn the victim roles
and reclaim your light (fire can‘t destroy itself)

brew over the fire the soup of roots and greens
and reclaim your Earth-connection

get out of the wheelchair, stamp the ancient rhythms
and reclaim your joy

let rose‘s essences flow through your body
and reclaim your power you had as a child

deepen within
and reclaim your strength

simplify outside
and reclaim your levity.

Birth without resistance your natural and complete you 
from the within into the without.

Over the ground, in the rainbow‘s web, sovereign at last,

pick up, undust and put on your furry coat
take the pink butterfly into your heart


led by your light of being a lighthouse
roam through the spectacular villa of the universe
distribute pink confetti in all its rooms
guard the wild forest
birth meadows of wild flowers
make a rollover with happiness
have fun
plant love
deliver the message.

Message from the Spirit World – 22.05.2020

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