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Month: May 2020

Message from the Spirit World – 15.05.2020

The intention of last Friday‘s tele study circle was to further investigate/research the „new old net“, by going more into the local fields, into the single honeycombs (hexagons) of the rainbow/golden net. It became clear that – each honeycomb is created And nurtured by several people and that simultaneously does nurture all who are part of […]

Beltane 2020 Full Moon

The next Full Moon is Thursday 7th May, 10.46 UT Moon 17.20 Scorpio (Sun 17.20 Taurus) opposite Mercury (20.23 Taurus), trine Neptune (20.22 Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Zuben Hakrabi and Zuben Elekribi in constellation of the scales.   Apart from being the fantastic powerful Beltane Full Moon, celebrating the Hieros Gamos, the sacred union of male and […]

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