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Message from the Spirit World – 15.05.2020

The intention of last Friday‘s tele study circle was to further investigate/research the „new old net“, by going more into the local fields, into the single honeycombs (hexagons) of the rainbow/golden net.

It became clear that
– each honeycomb is created And nurtured by several people and that simultaneously does nurture all who are part of it
– each honeycomb feeds into the big net, is in contact with the other honeycombs, and that simultaneously is fed by the other honeycombs and the big net. 

We as 3D humans in our 3D world act locally, where we live. It seems to be our task to find out, who belongs to our honeycomb, and what our joint strength is, which we put not only at our disposal but also at the disposal of the other honeycombs. In return we receive from the other honeycombs theirs, thus no one has to create everything; and all honeycombs together result in the big net… 

The coagulation from the contributions of all the participants Brought forth:

Know this

Each honeycomb vibrates in joy
Each honeycomb vibrates in laughter
Each honeycomb vibrates in the golden rainbowcoloured  love of creation

Each honeycomb is a place of shelter and safety 
Each honeycomb is a place of compassion and warmth
Each honeycomb is a place of connection and responsibility

Each honeycomb is honouring the Earth and all her creation
Each honeycomb is balanced in giving and taking
Each honeycomb is filled with cosmic light

And at the same time

Each honeycomb is unique
Each honeycomb has its own quality
Each honeycomb has its own power

The time has come to become active

Find the other 5 who belong to the same honeycomb as you do
Don’t think but grope/feel your way forward in all directions
Don’t fear but be wasteful in your encounters

It will be a luminous recognition 
You will feel the connection
You are waited for

Some honeycombs feel like a pack of wolves, some like a bumble bee
Some honeycombs appear chaotic in their ecstatic madness, some still in their deep contemplation 
Some honeycombs sing and chatter like the birds, some rustle like the leaves in the wind

Some honeycombs are formed by women only, some also include men
Some honeycombs belong to the elves, some to herbalists
Some honeycombs are formed around a crystals, some around the fey

The time has come to join Python and Typhon

Find them with your roots deep in the Earth
Don’t think but feel your light getting nourished by them
Don’t fear but like a tree disperse the information all around you

Raise your energy and maintain this continuously

Clean your house, get rid of all clutter,
Drop all secrets, have nothing to hide anymore, 
Bath in milk and honey, attend to your garden of roses and your constellations of stars

Show up 100%, give all your light and all your shadows
Be absolutely authentic
Recognise, experience and live your own value and its sanctity

All honeycombs, each a hotspot of freedom, are connected with each other
Together they are changing the conformity of the system
and, as an invisible net, are undermining the – based on fear – obedience and control

Message from the Spirit World – 15.05.2020

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