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New Moon June

The next new moon will be much much more than a new moon. It falls right into the solstice window and is a solar eclipse, which is the middle one of three (usually they come in pairs). This is rare and tremendously powerful.
Solstice 20th june 9.43 – 11.43 UT (the window is one of three days, one before and one after the exactness)
Annular i.e. “ring of fire” eclipse 21st june 3.46- 9.34 am UT
New Moon 21st june, 6.41 am UT
Moon and Sun 0.21 Cancer
conjunct North Node (29.07 Gemini), quincunx Saturn (0.40 Aquarius), square Mars (25.48 Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Menkalinan in the constellation of the Charioter and Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion
Restrictions versus freedom will be a dominant theme over the next 6 months (until the next eclipse season starts). How much do we have to do, what are our obligations, where do our responsibilities really lie?! 
A good time to shed and let die what has been imposed on us. A good time to fully take responsibilities for our own life’s, our own power.
Anger can be healing. But instead of just behaving rebelliously angry, because we are angry about the misuse of power around us and about having given away our power to others, we have to stop and “work” with this (probably generation old) pattern before we can claim our power back. We can re-lease, we can re-write our story, and we can generate a new timeline. If we so wish and if we are willing to step into our sovereignty.
Planets at the 0 degree of a sign are generally an indicator of a new beginning. A bit like the Fool in the Tarot, starting excitedly on a new adventure, looking ahead to the fast vistas, forgetting to look at his feet, where a chasm is approaching.
The New Moon will bring powerful new impulses and innovative approaches. Any New Moon is a beginning, this one indicates a big fresh start. Likely, we will feel more vigour than normally, are full of excitement and enthusiasm, have revolutionary and visionary ideas. Yet, if we are too reckless, especially if we have impulses for power, we can end up with extreme manifestations, complications and mistakes and will only have set into motion rampant but difficult to control energies. There Saturn with his wish for responsibility and practicability comes as a gift.
Great ways to tune into the energies between 19th to 21st June are to do a ceremony, to witness the sun rise and sun set, to walk the eight. Gather your courage, look into the black moon-mirror amidst the ring of fire, transform into the alchemical gold. What it means to be gold, we got a glimpse in the  coagulation from the results of the last tele study circle.
you can read more about the energies of the eclipse in the other blog I have written.

image: geralt / pixabay
New Moon June

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