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New Venus Cycle

On 9th June a new Venus Cycle begins. 

From the 594,5 days of a Venus cycle Venus is retrograde for about 40 days  – 16 as an evening star, followed by 8 days she stays with the Sun, and further 16 days as a morning star. 

 On 12th May Venus, as the Libra Goddess, went retrograde as evening star (21°50′ Gemini) and she will go direct again on 24th June as the Gemini Goddess  (5°20′ Zwilling).

While Venus is conjunct the Sun she is changing from being a representation of the Libra Goddess she has been for the last year – co creating balanced relationships – into a Gemini Rainbow Goddess. We, too, can let go during this time. We can turn our attention within and release with love and gratitude old patterns and believes which limit us. 

The time with the Sun is a time of dying and being reborn. Venus, as a goddess, goes through a rapid and complete metamorphosis, changing from one archetype into another. It is magical time, in which we can give up our limiting identity and birth our new true Self. 

From 9th June 2020 until 13th January 2022 Venus as a Gemini-Goddess is going to teach us the female version of Gemini, so that we can integrate, awaken, strengthen and live this powerful archetype.  

What we can expect?!

Gemini represents magical, young, playful energy. The Gemini goddess has a brilliant creative free mind. She is independent and thinks and acts quickly and unpredictably. In all she is doing she is independent and free. She is a shape shifter, a trickster. She is always where she wants to be, never staying fro too long at one place. She expresses, shows, communicates who she is where she is.

She discovers herself again and again anew, especially via expressing her creativity. She doesn’t need a partner or a relationship to find out who she is. What she needs is a playful funny inspiring creative expression. She brings us into contact with our inner child, our playfulness, our inquisitiveness, our adventurous side, our imagination, our endless creativity. 

She is the rainbow goddess of light and promise. She teaches to live the path of the Great Spirit, which is full of love and understanding and joy. She knows the ancient wisdom of all cultures. She is the winged goddess, the messenger of news, messages, information. She is the female Mercury/Hermes. She reminds us to laugh about ourselves and to not take the world too seriously. She asks again and again: how can I create more joy, more freedom, more fulfilment?!

She can bring together oppositions and guide people to the place where they belong. She is the female psychopomp, showing souls the way after the person died. If someone needs to visit the underworld, she is the who is guiding One and bringing one back. If someone needs an initiation into a transcendental realm, she is the on who will give it. She knows the ways into other dimensions and worlds.

She keeps the rituals, the stories, the myths and legends alive. She weaves words and as a story teller she creates a reality which no one ever before thought would be possible. She expands our imagination. She allows us, with lots of humour and playfulness, to recognise an expanded possibility of reality. 

She is a magician, weaving energy, creating magic. Magic is created in the spiritual realm. She teaches us the power of the mind and how we can use it consciously.
Our thoughts create words, our words create action, our actions create habits, our habits create character, our character creates destiny. 

She is the trickster and mistress of illusion. She is acting beyond all rational linear logic. She can expand the mind so much that we can see another new perspective, that we can get behind the boundaries of our perception and reality. This is magic, because once the mind has been expanded, once the mind has stepped over the known boundaries, it can’t simply go back into the old comfort zone. The knowledge about the new is there, and growth and evolution are unstoppable consequences, no matter how much one wishes the limited and (so called) save space back. 

She not only knows about the humour that is in everything but is also searching further and new ways of expressing joy and play. Creativity is her essence. Creativity is her nourishment, necessary for her freedom and aliveness. She has to be able to communicate her creativity in some way to be able to see herself.  

Freedom is the key for her fulfilment. She lives beyond the rules of society, beyond the rules of the physical world, beyond the existing limitations. She is willing toi jump into the unknown. She knows that she is free.  

Thus we can look forward to the 584 days of her reign. Inmidst the many regulations, tight rules and increasing control which we are experiencing since the new Saturn-Pluto cycle, she shows us possibilities of freedom. What we need is our willingness to step into the unknown, to be full of inquisitiveness, like a child, ready to get inspired, to discover new areas and dimensions, the joy to play, so we can be truly free.
We can expand the ways of our communication and even get a new communication system from her. She can teach us, to apply the ancient knowledge, to communicate with every being telepathically, beyond linear time and space. 
with her help we can tell a “new old” story, can co-create the ancient wisdoms anew, can live in freedom with each other, where everyone can express their true Self. She is the one helping us to manifest the prophecy of the rainbow warriors on the world stage. 

I can’t wait!

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New Venus Cycle

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