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Message from the Spirit World – 3.7.2020

Our intention for the tele study circle on 3rd of July 2020 was the following:
Where do we not look our heart in the eye, where are we still willing to be enslaved, where do we still dim our lights?
And – assuming that we are willing to change, be our sovereign: What is the action?!

The coagulation of all answers from the Spirits resulted in:

There is a save place in an ancient round room
where you can read in the book of wisdom

Your fear has made you
take a wrong turn, writing history that was an abject failure
hold yourself back, give yourself in small pieces, in quantities of a teaspoon
give away your sovereignty and instinctive sense of smell
lie to yourself and others and participate in actions that are harmful to you and others. 

Your old fear has grown with each experience of abuse and made you 
create your continuous enslavement of fear and mistrust
run away from yourself
hide your heart in fragments so deep you forgot where
ashamed to speak your truth

Allow yourself to become fearless
Trust the Spirits, trust your allies and let them find and put together the fragments of your heart
Let go of any fear-based image you have of yourself and your unconscious daily fear-based habits
Connect with yourself in yourself with open interest and humbleness
Live in alert presence and gratitude

Forgive yourself
Step into unconditional friendship with yourself
Acknowledge that your heart is the arbiter of everything
Fully acknowledge your heart’s desires and nature
Align your heart’s desires with the natural laws operating in the Above and Below. 

Enjoy that the old masks drop
Live to your gold standard, and with people who live to theirs;
assess them by whether they have a gold standard or not – those who have not, are asleep
Bring the old brittle brushwood on which you stand into the fire
Practice being the sun rising out of the sea

There is a save place in an ancient round room
where you can read in the book of wisdom

There is a holy ancient magic formula build-in in every cell that 
only needs your permission to instantly become active
unlocks every cell, freeing each from what made it freeze and prisoned over millennia 
sets into motion at the section of each cell, instantly causing each cell to vibrate and hum
birthes you into your original state to be free, authentic and golden

Learn to deal with the new perspectives your heart sees once it is golden
Learn to move completely new in a body that you treat lovingly
Learn to use the language of truth regardless of the consequences
Learn to say no – in and with love – to the wrong premises on which the society you live in is based
Learn to say yes – in and with love – to your physical lust that wants to burn bright and high

Learn to be a Fool for Love

image credit: mysticartdesign / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 3.7.2020

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