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The Truth about Vaccines – 1

More and more vaccines are propagated as a reliable way of preventing infectious disease. More and more people though don’t want to be vaccinated, and neither want to have their children vaccinated. they know or sense that vaccines are not a healthy solution. The media only report selectively, suppressing this – like so many other things.

I summarised the 7-part docu-series The Truth about Vaccines by Charlene and Ty Bollinger. For all those who want to know a bit more about vaccines, who are willing to wake up, to open their eyes, and to look at the issue.


Episode 1:

There is no pro- or anti-vaccine, as there is no pro- or antibiotic. You just use either wisely.

Vaccine safety
Vaccine efficacy
Vaccine necessity

Those who question these, makes them pro-science, not anti-vaccine. We all want healthy children and a healthy environment.


Theory behind vaccines:

What really keeps us healthy is a strong immune system.

Development of vaccines goes back to Edward Jenner, who developed a smallpox vaccine by using the cowpox in crude doses -: the idea is to take a little bit of something which causes disease, which can then, after recognition of the pathogen by the immune system, protect you against this pathogen.

Vaccines are based on the formation of antibodies. In some respects, we have been successful (esp. in reducing infection rates – rather than mortality rates), but the collateral damage is now such that we need to look at this issue in more detail. The basic question is: do the benefits still outweigh the risks – this is becoming increasingly doubtful.

Antibody formation is equated with immunity and the success of a vaccine. However, formation of antibodies does not equate with immunity. Therefore, one should make a difference between ‘immunisation’ and ‘vaccination’. Vaccination does not confer necessarily immunity.


Informed Consent: Doctors have to talk to patients about the risks and benefits of medical interventions. Part of the discussion should be alternatives to the current dominant practice. This is clearly not happening. Most doctors are not even educated enough about vaccines to give both sides of the story (benefits AND risks).

Most doctors do not spend the time to educate themselves about the topic of vaccination. This topic is not encouraged to be taught in medical colleges. The default line is: ‘they are safe and effective, and this is how you use them.’ They are also increasingly taught how to deal with the pharmaceutical industry calls ‘vaccine hesitancy’, basically how to bully parents into accepting vaccines the doctors themselves have not studied (remember; the WHO declared ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as one of the 10 global health threats of the future).

Informed consent would mean that doctors do not just tell parents that a particular vaccine has reduced the incidence of a particular disease, but also that if their child takes the vaccine, the likelihood of hospitalisation, seizures and allergies are greater than when not taking the vaccine. And in later life you are more likely to get heart disease and cancer due to immunosuppression with vaccines. We lose the protective effects of diseases, unlike when we encounter them naturally.


Current U.S. vaccination schedule

A child up to the age of 6 years old on the current U.S. schedule would receive:

3 HepB

3 rotavirus

5 DTaP

4 Hib

4 Pneumococcus

4 Polio


2 Varicella

1 HepA

Plus potentially Influenza vaccinations.

Altogether: 28 doses

Now it’s 69 doses of 16 vaccines from birth to age 18. Since the expansion of the vaccination programme, have we seen a reduction in chronic diseases in the population? No. Quite the opposite.

  • CDC schedule: 36 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6.


Kids can now be given up to 8 vaccines per visit. (What combined vaccines do to a person have never studied for safety)

People who work at the CDC do not follow the current vaccine schedule (neither for themselves nor for their children). They space it out, delay it or leave whole vaccines out of the schedule, e.g. HepB (which is notoriously unsafe and unnecessary for infants!). The same goes for many doctors. They don’t speak out about it, because they don’t want to ‘lose their jobs’.


 Vaccine schedule Germany

15 vaccinations – 90 doses



Statement by the American Institute of Medicine:

On the status of safety of vaccines:

‘Key elements of the immunization schedule – for example, the frequency, number and timing, order and age at the time of administration of vaccines – have not been systematically examined in research studies.’

There are no studies on the synergistic effects of the ingredients of the vaccines, e.g. metal with metal, metal with antibiotic, fragments of DNA with microorganisms, etc. etc.

Dr.Miller has collected 400 studies, which he critically discusses. They show problems around safety and efficacy. (There are now more than 1500 high quality studies which confirm these findings).

Although the CDC claims that multiple vaccines given at the same time are safe, they also state in a paper: ‘exposure to mixed stressors can produce health consequences that are additive, synergistic, antagonistic, or can potentiate the response expected from individual component exposures.’

In the executive summary of the same paper we read this: ‘Exposure to mixed stressors can produce health consequences that are additive, synergistic, antagonistic or can potentiate the response expected from individual component measures.’

1989 was the year when the epidemic of neurological disorders started to appear: ADHD, speech delay, autism, tics, SIDS, narcolepsy, seizure disorders, allergies, asthma, etc. In 1986, after the vaccine industry was given full indemnity (no responsibility for any vaccine damage caused) the vaccine schedule was ramped up.

On all these complaints there are studies associating these with vaccines.

There is a problem with the sequencing of neurological development after vaccine damage. Therefore, the speech delay and other brain disorders in children.

The law has removed any potential for litigation against vaccine manufacturers.

In 2011 the last loophole for suing manufacturers was closed: Up to that point it was still (theoretically) possible to sue the manufacturers if one could prove that they produced a vaccine which could have been made safer. In that year they decided on a case in favour of the manufacturer, stating in their summary that ‘vaccines are unavoidably unsafe’, and with that closed any future possibility of suing these manufacturers.

Manufacturers have never declared the ingredients in vaccines to the public. We had to find these out ourselves.

In the 1980s the industry blackmailed Congress by saying that they will drop out of the business if they are not given legal immunity from prosecution.

The pharma industry has no responsibility for any vaccine damage caused. And at the same time vaccines are mandated for all children (which is planned to be extended for all adults). The tax payer is paying for the vaccines as well as the damages due to vaccines. There is neither a legal nor a financial risk for vaccine manufacturers. It is the only industry in the world where you have a setup of this kind. It’s a business dream for that particular industry.

There is Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The problems are: many doctors don’t know what to look for. They are not being taught what could be vaccine damage related symptoms. For most doctors febrile seizures are ‘normal’, as is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). But we don’t know whether it is normal until we have done comparative studies between vaccinated and unvaccinated children populations. Due to the lack of knowledge on the side of the doctors, it is estimated that less than 1% of vaccine damage gets reported. (Robert F.Kennedy Jr. has put together a presentation on the available evidence regarding health outcomes for vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. I am happy to provide this document).

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (this is not actively promoted by the government) – since the implementation of this program, the hearings have been taken out of the courts and into this arena, which means that no legal precedents can be set. Which makes it impossible to change the legal default line that the State can mandate vaccines if it finds it necessary (based on a 1905 Supreme Court decision).

When doctors follow the vaccination schedule in its totality, they have no legal liability for any problems the vaccinated may develop. If they skip vaccinations of the schedule and the child falls ill, they are personally liable for the consequences.

The system is set up in a way that you cannot get to the truth.


Correlation vs Causation. Correlation should mean investigation, NOT stop the investigation. Causation is nearly impossible to prove, but correlation is in many cases all too obvious.

If you vaccinate huge parts of a population, you will have more children suffering from the side-effects of the vaccination than the actual disease they are meant to be protected from.

Mike Adams’ (from assessment of vaccine regarding benefits and risks: the risks are high, the benefits are low.

For some children there is a high risk. The problem is that we don’t know who is susceptible to vaccinations.

Since 1986 $3.6 billion dollars have been paid out to vaccine damaged children/families.

The focus needs to be on safety first, not on potential benefits.


The autism rate has actually sky-rocketed. It has nothing to do with better diagnosis.


Various types of vaccines have different ingredients, and therefore a different risk-benefit ratio.


In order to stimulate an immune response with killed virus vaccines you have to add Aluminium, which would create an antibody, rather than a cell mediated response.


Autism is a label which is used by the pharma industry to divert the responsibility away from them, whereas what children are often suffer from is encephalopathy.


The Smallpox Myth

1853: Compulsory smallpox vaccination was introduced in England. By 1857 those who refused to have the vaccines could be forcibly vaccinated and/or imprisoned.

Official figures from the Register General of England show that between 1857 and 1859 there were over 14 000 deaths from smallpox. Between 1863 and 1865 there were over 20 000 smallpox deaths. Between 1870 and 1872 45 000 deaths from smallpox. It happened in many other countries, e.g. Italy, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, etc.

A similar picture emerged in the States when Massachusetts introduced mandatory vaccination in 1855. After that there were epidemics of smallpox.

Smallpox was not eradicated by vaccines, on the contrary. Isolation and quarantine did it. There were mass demonstrations in England (more than 80 000 in Leicester in 1885) in the 1860s to 1880s after mandatory vaccinations were introduced, and killed thousands of children.

Once smallpox vaccinations were mandated, huge smallpox outbreaks occurred.

Jenner, the developer of the first smallpox vaccination, killed his own son and a neighbour with his experiments (he inoculated them 12 times). They both dies at 20, resp. 21. They both died of TB. The vaccine is linked with TB.

1872 figures in the UK: 97.5% of people who died from smallpox were vaccinated. During a period of 10 years 1861 – 1871 smallpox rate increased by 275% due to the disruption of the natural disease cycle by vaccination.

World Health Statistics Annual 1973-1976 (Vol.2): ‘There has been a steady decline of infectious diseases in most developing countries regardless of the percentage of immunisations administered in these countries.’

Immunisation is not the same as vaccination. Immunisation happens most effectively naturally. We are made for this.

What is immunity?  – how robust is your immune system to fight anything? We want to boost the immune system. Vaccination weakens the immune system and antibiotics destroy the gut flora, which is an important part of the immune system.

Real immunity is for life. Vaccinations last never longer than 10 years, mostly much shorter, that’s why people have to be given repeated ‘boosters’.

We take microbes in through breathing, never by injection!

It is very difficult to publish anything critical about vaccines in peer-reviewed journals. In most cases the editors do not even send out critical articles to peer reviewers. It is editorial censorship.

There are exactly Zero large-scale population studies comparing the vaccinated with the unvaccinated (which should be done for each individual vaccine). What we have are smaller studies comparing the two (see the slide show by R.F.Kennedy Jr.)

Vaccines are not classified as other drugs (which require safety testing), but as ‘biologics’, which have far fewer safety standards.


‘The greatest power of the Press is the power to ignore.’ (Malcolm X).


image credit: Angelo Esslinger / Pixabay

The Truth about Vaccines – 1

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