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Tele Study Circle

Image: Hüterin der Erde © MAURAH

„There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.“
~ Leonard Cohen

Due to the ban of gatherings, events, seminars etc a movement has began which after a few weeks is already so powerful. People meeting virtually, Zoom & Co is booming, and with this the feeling of being part of a community and belonging and connected is growing and partially as strong as if people were meeting physically. In their isolation people are finding to each other and are there for each other.  

I have been nudged by the Spirits last week regarding the Study Circle which had to be cancelled, too. They asked me to open a room for all who like to participate, who like to journey together, to find answer to a joined intention, only that each will do this while being physically at home. They told me not to do it via Zoom – there are plenty great meetings taking place, but without WiFi, linking up with the ancient shamanic traditions fo whom it was the norm to communicate with each other over great distances, without being physically at the same place.

I immediately said yes to this, deeply knowing that this will work and that this is exactly what we need, that this also is part of the new movement. Community is important for us humans (herd animals). We are not alone in this situation of being obliged to keep distance from wach other. Sure, the distance makes sense regarding the slow down of transmitting the virus, but it widens the gap between people, makes us vulnerable emotionally and mentally.

Most people understandably react with either anger, resentment, frustration, insecurity, depression – or with a combination of them all. This is because we are globally in a phase of grief (personally, collectively, globally). The world we knew will no longer be and we all have to deal with the loss of the old structures.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. What we experience now is the principle as if a person dies, a relationship ends, we loose a job, and then live through all phases of grieving. There is the shock, the confusion, the denial, there is the anger, the fear, the sleeplessness, there is the depression, the hopelessness, the feeling of being overwhelmed. And then there is the negotiation, the creating of something new, the rebirth (which is not about birthing the old anew but birthing something new). Bevor we can do this, thoug, we have to accept and fully acknowledge and embrace that there has been a death, that we have lost something. With the acceptance that the world we know won‘t be there anymore, we can speed up reaching the point Where we create a new world And new structures together. 

The joined journeying of our Study Circle was about seeking answers to the changes, personal as well as collective, Which have been set in motion by Covid-19.
We were a circle of 13 people, from Germany and England, who gathered in this sacred space for one hour, who widened their consciousness to receive answers from the spiritual world. Holding that space was more exhausting than any space I have ever held, but it worth all the way. Full of gratitude, towards the spirits and to all participants, I feel into 10m minutes of deep sleep after closing the room.

Yesterday I received the message to continue with this, and thus I will offer a Tele Study Group (Tele, Greek = distance) each Friday at 8pm CEST. 

I will open a space and hold it for one hour for all who can widen their consciousness, be this via shamanic drumming, rattling, walking the eight, meditation etc. All in the room „journey“ with the same intention, seek answer to the same question from the spiritual realm. I will collect all answers and make a coagulation (technique of the shamanic bee tradition).

If you like to be part of the Tele Study Circle, write me an email, so that I can let you into the space, and also can tell you beforehand the common intention (suggestions are welcome).

I you like to join the common energy field without being directly in the room, you can do this of course, too. Widen your consciousness (sing, dance, meditate, drum, rattle, chant, walk the eight etc) between 8pm and 9pm CEST And be a channel for the new consciousness, light and universal love.

Because this is what we are dealing with right now. We are writing history. The old structures (social, political, economic) with which we have built our world, crumble, and we are creating a new reality, new structures (personal, collective, global). Structures, which are in tune with our true nature. 

many people noticed that a new energy portal has opened. I felt it strongly during the equinox. It helps us to increase our frequency, through which we can heal ourselves and the Earth. These cosmic energies, Byron from the cosmic womb, reach the Earth and spread through the energy lines (ley lines, song lines) and thus arrive at every place, at every living entity.

It is up to us that we become aware of these energies, that we feel them in our body, in our laboratory. The mysteries inform us via this way. And we inform the mysteries likewise. That means, the second important step is, that the intentions, prayers, we send are born out of our truth. Through this exchange we co-create with the new Energie s a new reality.  

It is absolutely essential that our intention are in alignment with our vertical self, our true nature, our higher self, our divine self, our eternal soul (there are many names, call it whatever you like). They havenothing to do with ego-wishes. There is a truth in each of us that is part of the universal truth. This is what we have to realise and orient our lives toward.

As I have said many times bevor, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction shows all weaknesses, all cracks in our society, all shadow parts, brings into the light what is corrupt. Covid-19, seen as a manifestation of this constellation, through wich we have the chance to look honestly at our lives where we got away from our truth, where we closed our hearts and became cold, where we forgot our joie de viere, where we polluted us and the Earth, literally as well as by greed and envy, being driven and full of anxiety, where we gave up our freedom, our sovereignty and power, where we forgot our connection with our far far reaching ancestors and the fey who are so much older than humankind and stopped listening to them.

I am offering the Tele Study Circle for free. Im am happy if you like to donate something (send me money via Paypal, bank transfer, or give it to me in person).

Tele Study Circle

2 thoughts on “Tele Study Circle

  1. Hey Dear Nicoline

    So good to see your website its wonderful 🙂
    Hope all of you doing well. Pls say Hi to Ralph and the kids and to your lovely Mom whom I cherish so much 🙂 I am sending my love and best wishes.
    Yours in faith

    1. Dear Laci. Good to hear from you. They all send their love to you. Hope you are also doing well! Here in the middle of nature life is good and the new communication with the plants and animals is already getting stronger and clearer. Much love, Nicoline~

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