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Message from the Spirit World – 31.7.2020

Intrigued by the previous coagulation our intention of the study circle on 31st July was to find out what it means and to experience to have a gyroscopic perception

We all know/ can read about what a gyroscope is. This gives the assumption that if we can perceive in a gyroscopic way, we can perceive things from all angles and still maintain orientation, which is something badly needed in these days of confusion and misinformation and obfuscation (and the mass media have, so it becomes more and more obvious, their share in this).

The coagulation of all results and experiences produced the following:

From the tightness and fear gyroscopically into the freedom 
is only possible if you are completely in your physical centre
in the powerful space between your above and below, front and back, left and right
This is the secret

you can calm down and drop into the spinning and whirling
spaces and worlds open up for you
you get access to all information and all knowledge

light floods you
the chaos of the world rolls past you, while
in the middle of it, whirlingly dancing, you are laughing wholeheartedly 

the powerful dance of Python and Typhon comes alive in your centre 
you experience in the not-still stillness of your centre the timeless source of creation
the cackling of the norns runs through every of your cells

Practice patiently
until the cryptic is possible and you,
flying head-down on the broom through the heart of Mother Earth and the stars
can establish relations with all

Practice patiently
until you your senses are improved in such a way that your compass is aligned with the cosmic compass and
the fool, that you are, enjoys the thrilling miracle of life, motion in all directions,
open and without fear

Practice patiently 
until you have gyroscopically absorbed and transformed all the blackness of yourself and the world and
your centre expands beamingly
so that even the tightest space is flooded with light

Practice patiently 
until you don‘t believe anymore what you think and
following your intuition, you step into the black mirror under the cat-moon:
from the tightness and fear gyroscopically into the freedom 

image credit: bessi / pixabay

Message from the Spirit World – 31.7.2020

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