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Inanna on her way down into the underworld

On the 9th of June a new Venus Cycle has begun. The Gemini-goddess is going to renew and express herself in all areas of our lives until the 13th of January 2022. We can experience what it means to be free, playful, interested and to have an awake, brilliant, creative mind. 

The most important prerequisite to get th most out of this cycle is to be open and willing to step over boundaries, so that our view and field of perception can expand and we can discover things, aspects, worlds, from which we had no idea they could exist inside and outside of ourselves. Then it is possible that we, together with the Gemini-rainbow-goddes, can tell a new world history, write a new story of the world, begin to create the rainbow age which is mentioned in so many prophecies.

While Venus appears as a morning star, Inanna descends into the underworld. With each Moon-Venus conjunction she passes through one of the gates. We can use the myth of Inanna and listen to Venus, recognise her needs and trust her, to be able to actively follow everything that we value with clarity and conviction – something we were trained to forget from early age, so we fit in, feel loved, belong etc, and which clogged our energy centres.

The connecting with the myth of Inanna and the cycle of Venus is a possibility, to clean ourselves, step by step, from old habits, though patterns, beliefs, and to cleanse our energy centres. When we surrender to the initiation process of the descend, meet our own inner dark goddess, we can ascend clean and free to strengthen and activate our energy centres.


The first Moon-Venus conjunction took place on the 17th July (13.06 Gemini). Inanna stepped through the 1st gate on her way into the underworld and handed over her crown, Shugurra. This equals our crown centre, Sahasrara, the consciousness centre of our spirituality, where we are connected wichtige sky, the divine, the greater source, the universe, our Soul’s plan.

The answers to the lolloping questions can help to find out what crown you can hand over now:
In which situations, when do you not have a connection with spirituality?
Who/what stops you to experience unity consciousness?
When do you stop to trust your inner knowledge what is and what isn‘t „true“?
Through what do you feel without orientation? When do you feel your life has no meaning, purpose, orientation? 
When do you feel full of fear, without roots, internally lonely?
Through which do you get sucked into the whirl of feeling lack, emptiness, unhappiness?
In which situations do you suffer of sleeping disorders, severe fatigue, mental exhaustion? 

Helpful are also 
* the colours white and gold – eg clothes, jewellery, writing with a golden pen, drinking golden milk etc 
* clear crystals and diamonds
* smudging with sandalwood and frankincense 
* The symbol of the thousand pedalled lotus (Sahasrara = thousandfold).
* Sahasrara activating asanas und pranayama techniques
* meditations with the mantra OM or in silence
* Solfige sound „Do“
* the invisible nectar
* archangel Metratron


On the 15th of August Inanna passes through the second gate and hands over her measuring rod (Venus and Moon 7.29 Cancer). This represents our energy centres of our forehand (depending on the tradition there is one or two), our brow chakra, Ajna Chakra, our Third Eye, our inner vision. The invitation is to eliminate all walls, barriers, curtains, veils so that we can see clearly that the so called reality isn‘t as real as it seems, and that what we measure is only part of reality,  and that if we can laugh about ourselves and our narrow-mindedness, we can see the magic in everything. 

The Gemini goddes, the trickster, the Heyoka, the wise fool, is indirect contact with Spirit and shows us what we need to see and understand in ourselves. She brings the message that changes and expands our view and perception. She holds the mirror for us to see where we have fear, doubts, unresolved anger, hatred, in which situations we are weak (without our power) and also where we are stronger, more brilliant and creative than we had thought we were.

The laughter of the Heyoka transforms pain. With humour and laughter we get beyond the dualities and polarities. The wise fool recognises that all is one, and that, when being at the source of everything, any creation is possible, nothing has to stay as it is, nothing is set in stone, all limitation vanish in thin air. 

From mid August onwards we are asked to shed all distortions and limitations of our inner vision and our cosmic perception. Our Third Eye is capable to perceive different multidimensional levels forma cosmic perspective. When we allow our perception to change, when we surrender to the process, we get beyond the boundaries and perceptions of our reality. For this see also the results of the Tele Study Cirlce (blog articles „message from the spirit world“). 

Helpful for working with the Third Eye are 
* the colour Indigo – clothes, bed cover, stones (lapis lazuli, saphire, fluorite, sodalite, amethyst), paintings, etc etc.
* the ninety six petalled lotus
* smudging with violet root, juniper, propolis
* fragrances: jasmine, lemon grass, violet
* Ajna Chakra activating asanas und pranayama exercises
* meditations, eg with the mantra OM or the archangel Michael
* Solfige sounds „La“ und „Ti“
* the nectars Ros and Deo Niteo

With the help of the rainbow-goddess we can tell a „new old“ story, co-create the ancient wisdoms anew, live together in freedom where everyone can express his/her own true Self. She is the one who enables us to manifest laughingly and dancingly the prophecy of the rainbow people on the stage of the world.

And SHE…is the sky dancer…
SHE…it is…who remembers…Lemurian merging…
SHE…it is…who remembers dissolving into the stars
SHE…it is…who remembers the far and distant orbs
SHE…it is…who remembers glimpses of who she is…
SHE remembers…
SHE remembers the body as the Temple Template of Infinity
SHE sees the star systems throughout her body…
She…is Universal – SHE …

~ Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah, Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Ones 

image credit: Becca Rice/

Inanna on her way down into the underworld

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