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Message from the Spirit World – 7.8.2020

With the increase of different opinions and explanations, each person and group utterly convinced about theirs, it becomes clearer that so much is unclear, uncertain. Eg: one can‘t believe/trust the media, the press, the politicians, and whom from all other clever people spreading their opinions is speaking the truth one can‘t know either. One can only go with those opinions that make most sense for oneself. Thus there is always a rest of uncertainty. That has always been so but now we see it more clearly. So our intention of last Firday‘s Tele Study Circle was: What is the best way to deal/live with the uncertainty?
We know that there is clearness and calmness in the gyroscopic awareness, we know that at the knot all is possible and that all springs forth from there, thus also the uncertainty. How then can we best deal with the uncertainty, which belongs to creation? Or: as we co-create with all that is our lives, how can I best co-create with the uncertainty my life? With which other forces do I do this


The colagulation of all experiences brought forth the following answer:

Oh, you humans… 
When will you understand that the answer is within you?!
Go back to what we told you before and
drop – breath – arrive 

in your centre, at the magical knot, the in-between.
Neither above nor below but exactly in-between
Neither front nor back but exactly in-between
Neither left nor right but exactly in-between

Stay there, centre yourself there and keep 
shedding your doubts, your fears, your grief, your tears, 
letting your suppressed emotions and actions be released
practicing gyroscopic awareness 

As long as she exists you are part of her
Your life on her is connected to with her in every moment
Her change is your change
drop – breath – arrive

Return to your knot with every breath
while you watch the sunset
while you run through the jungle
while you swim in the depth of the ocean

Return to your knot with every heart beat
while you watch people digging their grave
while you add a pinch of salt to your soup
while you turn on the light

In this ever-present-knot-awareness
you experience with certainty 
that, apart from it itself, all around it is uncertain
and only there the Truth resides

In this ever-present-knot-awareness
without knowing how you do it
you intrinsically know what is right and what is wrong
and see the path of Truth and Clarity

In this ever-present-knot-awareness,
deeply connected with the Earth and the Sky,
you experience with certainty
that nothing can knock you out

Then, joyfully taking a bite of the surprise egg,
you can answer the call and 
plunge into the adventure of uncertainty
knowing you can dance and play with all that comes your way

Then, becoming yourself intangible
you can be like the fool and 
dive into the dream of your life
knowing it also can burst any moment but if so you will simply orientate yourself anew

Then, forging your sword of Love with courage and light,
you can raise it high and
cut through the hard concrete walls your mind had created
knowing you are free to walk blissfully with all that you are

The angels, playful midwifes, have stepped forward
Be in joyful expectation and remember your female wisdom
Connected with the intangible but real
you can birth the new whole Sacred


image credit: Brian Cute / pixabay

Message from the Spirit World – 7.8.2020

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