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Messages from the Spirit World – December 2020

Here are the results (the coagulated answers of the spirits are in italics) of the Tele Study Circle in December 2020.


We explored our personal clarity – regarding our life, our acting, our alignment, our thinking, feeling, our strength, our divinity.

into the cave to the well with its crystal clear water
that, like a prism, reflects your light in all colours
dip your cup into the rainbow fluid, raise it to your lips
and drink drink drink until you start spinning
spin yourself upside down and inside out
spin in your verticality and spin-fly into the stars
where the dragon has drawn signs of clarity with its tail
into the crystal clear laughter of the universe
spin-fly through them, winding them into the thread
on the grown spindle you have become
then spin from this thread a hammock, 
hang it high in the trees and come to rest
rest rest rest in the spun cocoon absorbing the tree’s wisdom 
of being upright and connected with the whole forest
feel the gayety and support of your allies around you
and start dissolving, liquidating, drip drop changing 
metamorphosing all your threads into a diamond
that, in its optimum cut shape, with clear sharp borders 
holding and reflecting its exceptional fire and brilliance
in free fall tumbles down to the bottom of the well
to the knotted snakes who, imbibing it with their tears,
transfer the knowing of healing and killing equally
and the ability to recognise with absolut clarity 
new ways through the unknown darkness
with each step you leave some sparks for others
to find their own way 
from chaos into cave, stars, forest, well and back 
to shape, feel, know, express, and live divine clarity


We explored new revolutionary ways to bring joy into our space/time reality. The new world that is unfolding and created we can’t know yet because it has never been there. As universal love and laughter are the things that create and make life alive, resulting in joy of life, it seems appropriate to open and receive /explore new ways of creating and experiencing joy…

we will use words that come as close as possible but bare in mind that it will be, like everything else, utterly new, unknown to you until it happens
best way to prepare yourself:
keep your eyes open and be filled with wonder about the beauty of nature (that said, reside as much as you can in nature and dispose of everything artificial)
accept whatever occurs and trust the paths of the divine
always follow your intuition and stay in your heart
it is less complex as you think
spin the spinning wheel
to the beat of the magic drum
stir the soup in the cauldron 
while time stops ticking
each cell awakes from deep faint sleep
polishes her golden membrane
spiralling rising radiating
up up up and out out out
whole body tingling
like a fountain and a firework
spraying radiating in all directions
golden sparks glittering in the rising sun
joyful song
connects with un-importunate levity
gives birth to an egg full with flower seeds
to be spread on the meadows
in a light circle held by angels
ecstatic dance 
on stars in the ground
the meadow growing through your feet
open the yurt door of your heart
to reveal the blinking stars
and share with a healing hand
the soup and woven wool
this can not be planned
yet you can (and we advice you to) hold your intention 
with breath, will & imagination
while sitting in your yurt
only by staying in your heart it becomes possible
that the dark clouds can’t effect you
your remaining fears burn in the pyre
you can watch the eagle coming from the rising sun-stars in the east
and the octopus from the depths cradling and transforming all guilt 


We looked – openly, with no judgement, honest to ourselves – at all which limits and denies our true divinity. We found out what we need to be able to love in each moment, no matter how challenging the moment is and what helps to stay in and be connected with love, no matter what happens in the outside world.

your endless search for safety 
unfolding in so many thoughts and habits
impedes any divine growth, pure love, freedom in being
man made – self made or inherited –
judgements and comparisons
imprison and tie up your heart
throw you into the addiction, the hamster wheel
of demands, envy, greed, shame, blame, anger, isolation
diminishing your divine light with each rotation
allowing rigidity from the outside in
gradually rigidifying inward to the innermost divine cave
sealing your heart, exiling your sovereignity on an island
drop your patchwork cloak of fears
anchor your roots in primal trust
and unfold your braches in ecstatic lust for life
jump from the rotating wheel
nose-dive in free fall 
with growing curiosity 
the heavy load allows you to ascend with levity
when you are ready to unfold your wings 
and fly into the unknown
into the endless expansion of your heart and space
into the connection with divine diversity
finally understanding the mystery of human existence 


We explored the light that was born during the extraordinary threshold solstice (21.12.2020), and that will grow and shine its light during 2021.

the light is older than you think
it is its own force of nature
independent and free
there is nothing that could stop its indispensable movement
to expose the truth
to show – without judgement – all as it is
to find its way into the tiniest dark places
to burn away all imprints of fear
to purify and heal
whether this will be painful or not for you
depends on how willingly you allow the light
to ignite the spark within your heart
becoming an explosion 
a firework
of spiralling stars
while the milky way gently drops to the earth
into the red lake under the world tree
where the ancient toad is guarding the fire
breastfeed the new born lion cup 
nourish the light within you
with each joyful step expanding
the galaxy in your chest
circling in her own tempo
inward outward
outward inward
into the unknown
with indispensable love
opening portals of dimensions unbeknownst
through which you step 
to meet 
around the Sommer solstice fire
fraternised and sororinised
image credit: Lumina Obscura / pisaba
Messages from the Spirit World – December 2020

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