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Full Moon – 30th December 2020

the next full moon is on Wednesday 30th December at 3.28 am UT
Moon 8°53’ Cancer (Sun 8°53’ Capricorn)
opposite Mercury (14°42’ Capricorn), sextile Lilith (7°46’ Taurus) and Uranus (6°49’ Taurus), square Chiron (5°02’ Aries), conjunct fixed star Alhena in the constellation of Gemini
the year began with a Cancer full moon and ends with one, still offering us new ways to nurture and take care of ourselves. this seems to be important for the new world thresholding into existence. 
the year has challenged our emotional security immensely. yet, as the activities in the outer world shrunk we were given the gift to find out what truly matters. As we were (and still are) locked inside our homes we could dive into our heart and listen to it. We could realise the false views of security society has and is build on, and free ourselves from those beliefs. we could experience that true connection is not effected by physical isolation. 
this full moon asks us to break free of habitual emotions. it offers us new ways to create love within us, to feel at home within, to make our heart a place of comfort and joy, and also to find coequal ways to live with and love mother Earth and the whole divine diversity.
this will  stir up personal and collective pain, caused by selfish behaviour and neglect of the oneness. and it is time to release those emotions – be sorry for what we have done, forgive ourself, love and be thankful – so we can move on, as humankind.
this full moon gives not the time to articulate, to find words, about it yet, but is a great time to find new artistic and spiritual ways of expressing it.
use the moon window over the last three days of the year and let all restricting emotions flow out of you (drum, sing, walk the eighth, take the sun into your heart while you watch the sunrise, …) so you step into the new year with a cleansed open heart, lots of love, light, and curiosity for the unknown.
image credit: mapa20 / pixibay
Full Moon – 30th December 2020

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