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New Moon – 13th January 2021

The first New Moon this year is on Wednesday, 13th January at 5am UT
Moon and Sun are at 23°13’ Capricorn
conjunct Pluto (24°35’ Capricorn), sextile Neptune (18°44’ Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Deneb Okab in the constellation of the Eagle and Peacock in the constellation of Pavo, and – taking a wide orb – conjunct Saturn (3°02’ Aquarius). If not taking a wide orb, Saturn is still the ruler of this New Moon and therefor to be considered. He is also the final ruler of the whole chart, which adds to his importance and dominant position (strength). Saturn is conjunct Jupiter (5°36’ Aquarius) and Mercury (7°39’ Aquarius), square Mars (2°57’ Taurus), Uranus (6°43’ rx Taurus) and Lilith (9°20’ Taurus), semisextile Venus (5°42’ Capricorn), and sextile Chiron (5°16’ Aries).
This first New Moon of the year indicates ongoing crisis, throws us into intense waters (in many areas of our life, relationships being one prominent field), demands honest responsibility and offers death-and-rebirth.
We – as always – have the choice. We can react with tension and frustration, with anger and violence, breaking and destroying, resistance and fighting against (structures, restrictions, prohibitions, subjection), playing the old game of power struggles, manipulation, and control,…
Or we are courageous and take the opportunity for deep growth and transmutation by facing our (personal and collective) deep-rooted and long buried /neglected /not-looked-at destructive behaviours of control, manipulation, lies, being dishonest to ourselves and others. This will take time and demands persistent effort, i.e. it won’t be done in one go.
Saturn asks to be responsible for what we have been and are doing. it is wise to investigate and look deeply. This New Moon is a good time to become aware of and let go of many unconscious addictions, obsessions and fear-based (inherited or self-made) behaviour. on the long run, if based on truth, universal laws, and farsightedness, Saturn offers true and authentic sovereignty, success and power. 
We are asked to look at our communication, to become aware of the consequences our spoken words and thought have, and to find a more responsible and expanded way to communicate. 
We are asked to look at our beliefs and goals and dreams and take responsibility for them. This New Moon is like a wake-up-call to become aware of the power we have in our dreaming and to practice this art (invest time and effort). And with it to become utterly clear about the visions we hold as they will manifest. are we still repeating any ego-driven, vain, advantages or do we use our great imagination and penetrating mind to align with the higher-good so that we can, with patience and compassion “transform (millennia old) venom into solar iridescence“?!
Use the Moon window between Tuesday and Thursday (drum, walk the eighth, meditate, dream) and 
face your destructive habits and setting new – benign and in alignment with your heart and the universal laws – goals.
New Moon – 13th January 2021

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