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New Moon – 13.03.2021

the next New Moon is on Saturday 13th March, 10.21 am UT
Moon and Sun are at 23°03’ Pisces
conjunct Neptune (20°43’ Pisces) and Venus (19°49’ Pisces), sextile Pluto (26°19’ Capricorn), semi square Saturn (9°44’ Aquarius) and Uranus (8°06’ Taurus), conjunct fixed star Markab in the constellation of Pegasus
my guess is that over the next weeks we will be more sensitive, feeling/perceiving the energies around us, picking up from others what they feel and think. this can be confusing and it is then wise to find time and space to be alone, so that one can distinguish between one’s own feelings and thoughts and those of others.  avoid being with people who’s energy is not good for us, who are limiting, exploiting and or manipulating us. setting clear boundaries will be helpful.
there can be difficulties, uncertainties in relationships and also in our finance situation. and we could find ourselves having to form new values. 
it will be helpful and important to get out of over-idealisation, to not ignore realty and dreams alike, to avoid deception, to be open for the unexpected, and to pay attention to accident/injury-situations.
this New Moon gives the wonderful opportunity to deepen our dreaming capacity – something of huge importance in my opinion as humanity unfortunately has forgotten the power and gift dreaming holds-, our intuition, our creativity, our compassion, and our spiritual connections (to humans and nature and spirits alike).
use the Moon window between Friday and Sunday to drum, walk the eighth, meditate, etc. to find, explore, deepen your true dream (self)
image credit: Dorota Kudyba / pixabay
New Moon – 13.03.2021

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