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Full Moon – 28.03.2021

the next Full Moon is Sunday 28th March at 6.48 pm UT 
Moon is at 8°18’ Libra (Sun 8°18’ Aries)
opposite Chiron (8°49’ Aries) and Venus (8°56’ Aries), quincunx Uranus (8°50’), sesquiquadrate Jupiter (22°35’ Aquarius), trine Saturn (11°07’ Aquarius), out-of-bounds-Mars (14°31’ Gemini) and the North Node (12°53′ rx Gemini), conjunct fixed star Diadem in the constellation of Berenice’s Hair
the main issue over the next two weeks is relationships, relationships, relationships…
being a supermoon (the Moon is slightly closer the Earth and thus appearing bigger) it will intensify our emotions and awareness regarding our need for relationships and all that comes with maintaining them — compromising, negotiating, graciousness, and balancing.
we are confronted with old (personal, family, collective) wounds around assertiveness, shining, standing up, courage, boldness etc, both of ourselves and of others. what we have been able to ignore or overlook is now unavoidably in our face. with it comes a lot of pain (again, this can be personal, familiar, collective) which we have to feel and express in one way or another.
we are confronted with how much our values get along with the values of our partners (intimate relationship, friends, family members, work colleagues). the increasing awareness where they don’t, where we have been living in unfulfilled relationships, where false love reigned, is likely to add to the pain, apart from causing friction and tension.
the good thing is that our own flaws come to the surface as well – if we are willing to honestly look at ourselves (as our closest partner). aware of inherited, blindly followed relationship-dynamics, we can break the pattern and leave old-trodden paths. we can find new ways to express our true values, our true needs, and our true love. yes, that might well expel many people from our life, yet exactly that leads to our own personal growth and strength plus true and loyal relationships. the more honest we become with ourselves, the more the clear-out will leave us also with people we can trust, and relationships which are not only true but also strong and reliable.
this Full Moon invites us to travel outside our usual path, outside the norm, the box, the status quo. so that we perceive reality beyond what we so far have been able to imagine. that means to rebel, to be wild, to invite the fool, to create some chaos, new possibilities which are beyond what is considered normal, how „one usually behaves“. the result is liberating, offers freedom – and a lot of fun 🙂
over the next two weeks we can comb our hair, free it, etc… it is worth to ponder/dream/meditate with the gossamer threads of Berenice’s stellar hair … (! the website of constellation of words has a new layout. one has to get used to it – well, at least I do 😉 )
we have the possibility to grow and learn by our relationship epiphanies that occur now. we can release old pain and clear the way for better relationships (with others and ourselves), we can find a way to balance our needs against the needs of others.
this Full Moon gives us the possibility to practice the art of relating and the art of self-love. all the changes we can establish now (internally and externally alike) will free us later down the line,  especially as this Full Moon is in aspect to the nodes and thus the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on 26th May (5°29′ Sagittarius). 
use the Full Moon window between Saturday and Monday – drum, walk the eighth, meditate – to unravel unhealthy relationship-dynamics and step into your own truthful love.
image credit: Patrice Audet / pixabay
Full Moon – 28.03.2021

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