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Beltane Full Moon – 27.04.2021

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
The next Full Moon is on Tuesday 27th April at 3.31 am UT
It is the first of this year’s three supermoons (the moon making a closer-than-usual pass by earth. It will be closest during the next New Moon… when we can’t see it) and it is the Full Moon of Beltane (which used to be celebrated not on a fixed day but at the Full Moon when the Sun is in Taurus)
Moon is at 7°06’ Scorpio (Sun 7°06’ Taurus) 
opposite Uranus (10°28’ Taurus), Venus (15°17’ Taurus), Mercury (16°20’ Taurus), square Saturn (12°57’ Aquarius), trine Mars (2°13’ Cancer), sesquisquare Neptune (22°16’ Pisces), conjunct fixed star Khambalia in the constellation of Virgo
This Full Moon activates the Saturn-Uranus-square of 2021, throws us (once again) into the tension between rebellion/ sudden change/ breaking free – restriction/ rules/ responsibility.
Being not only full and in Scorpio and aspecting all inner planets but also closer to Earth this Full Moon will likely stir us emotionally very very much… 
relationships, finances, the ongoing-changing regulations, communication, work, our own body, our dreams, it all can throw us into intense mood-swings, anxieties, grief, frustration, etc over the next weeks, though relationships will likely be the main area.  

But it offers us also the option to shed, to let go of all our doubts and fears and guilt and shame and all the rest which is not our true (divine) nature. 
With this we also make space for the Sacred Marriage to be able to manifest inside us – while we observe the Sacred Marriage unfolding in nature at this time of the year.
Any Scorpio Full Moon offers us insight into our deepest hidden aspects. With the fixed star Khambalia it offers us also the penetration of secrets / secret knowledge / secret of life / transcendental state of consciousness – if one knows a way to get it.
For me this means to practice, to use /apply /work with the great tools I have gathered, as they are my way to get there. Whatever your way is, I suggest to plunge as deeply as you can into it. And make it to your own dedicated work; this fulfils the Saturn-part of the square, takes away its tension by willingly taking your own responsibility to be of service to yourself and to the world. Once Saturn is at ease so to speak there is then also room for Uranus’ unique unexpected breakthroughs, liberations and insights, which always come unexpected and take one by surprise (so don’t even think about controlling the change but be open for it). This way we can find our balance between our true duty and our freedom. We don’t need to rebel in our outer life but free our blocked creativity and self-value.

So, depending on how willing we are to work with the energies of this powerful Full Moon and not resisting the emotional rollercoaster of its process, we can, over the next week, deeply free ourselves from our personal and mundane burdens and ties, and step (more than ever) into our true nature – our individual truth and also what it truly means to be a human.
Use the time of the Full Moon window between Monday and Wednesday (drum, walk the eighth, light a sacred fire, meditate…) and allow these fantastic Beltane energies to shake your system, to start a revolution in yourself.

image credit: Gerd Altmann / pixabay
Beltane Full Moon – 27.04.2021

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