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New Moon – 12.04.2021

The next New Moon is on Monday 12th April at 2.31 am UT
Moon and Sun are at 22°24’ Aries
sextile Mars (23°06’ Gemini) and Jupiter (25°18’ Aquarius), square Pluto (26°44’ Capricorn), conjunct Venus (26°42’ Aries), Mercury (14°57’ Aries) and fixed star Baten Kaitos in the constellation of Cetus, The Whale
This New Moon speaks of new energy, spring energy, new beginnings, daring to start something, taking our courage to go for something new and to expand, to broaden our horizon. The next weeks can be indeed a time of immense growth – spiritual growth, deep understanding, seeing a broader picture, and growth of confidence in our abilities and actions.
One big invitation this month is to notice our conditioned perception. Mars continuous to be out of bounds and during this Moon phase the Moon is going to occult Mars on the 17th which will magnify this wild-card-energy.
This is a great time to step beyond the boundaries of the reality we know/ consider to be solid. We can leave behind our conditioned thinking, seeing, hearing, communicating, and valuing of what we have been told over and over is the only way it is, the way it is supposed to be.

The energy of this New Moon supports accessing the courage to find new ways to perceive reality – and to act and communicate in new ways with creative fun, in service to the divine, and with great compassion.
The next weeks are a great time to acknowledge where we have misused our power, where we gave it away, handed it over, and consequently followed wrong misconceptions. We now can surrender them – which might feel frightening/ terrifying, as we are soooo used to the old ways – and reclaim our power and our ability to vision and co-create. 
The next weeks offer deep transformative experiences if we are ok with the possibility that everything could change. 
Use the New Moon window between Sunday and Tuesday – drum, walk the eight, meditate etc – and enter with trust the transformation process, the belly of the Whale, a passageway of a magical threshold-initiation.
image credit: Jeff Jacobs / pixabay
New Moon – 12.04.2021

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