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New Moon – 11.05.2021

the next New Moon is Tuesday 11th May, 7 pm UT
Moon and Sun are at 21°17’ Taurus
conjunct Lilith (22°30’), sextile Neptune (22°39’ Pisces), trine Pluto (26°45’ rx Capricorn)
it is the last Moon of the current eclipse season. take a moment and look back to the intentions you had set at the time of the last eclipses on 30th Nov / 14th Dec 2020. notice what still needs to be done and use the next two weeks for this, so you can come to a close with gratitude and the knowledge and sensation of completion, and so you can start the next cycle fresh and new without loose ends at the Full Moon eclipse in two weeks.
it is a supermoon – the second of the three super moons, this one being the one closest to the earth. so be aware of this, as even though we can’t see the Moon, the energies are nevertheless very intense.
also the aspects of this New Moon make it amazingly deep and intense. go as deep and as far as you wish and as you feel comfortable to do so.
being in Taurus the New Moon gives an affinity with any earth goddess and with the Earth herself. it is a good time to become aware of our body needs, of what gives our body security, what pleases our body and gives real satisfaction and contentment. we can find our connection that our earthly body has with the Earth herself. this way we can get out of any anxiety and distress of uprooting that might be triggered by the current events and regulations. this way we can also release any feeling of deep shame about our body needs and functions.
a great way to earth ourselves are little daily rituals, anything that provides a kind of body centering – having a cup of tea each morning while watching the birds, a regular morning walk, digging the garden and planting the new plants for this year, a meditation practice (with an earth goddess we feel drawn towards for example), ending the day with a relaxing bath, a specific ritual before going to bed (setting the intention to dream for example), etc.
we can also deepen our relationship with the Earth, deepen our understanding of this relationship, understand its magic, its mystery and how interwoven our body is with the body of the Earth.
the heightened sensitivity paired with the finger points of Lilith and the uncovering of Pluto regarding all shadow themes around values, ownership and nature – to see and understand how what we do to our own body equals what is done to the Earth – can feel painful: the connection between mass animal farming, exploitation of resources, poisoning of the ground / nourishments, money laundering, national debt,…  and gluttony, eating disorders, alcohol and drug use, hedonism, sex addiction, apathy, possessive behaviour, problems with closeness and bonding, greed, miserliness, shopping addiction,…. 
our emotions will be intense over the next two weeks. we can go really deep and face our passion, i.e. in its truest meaning where we suffer. this way we can work with our compulsive emotions, release automatic repetitions and habits and find our inner medicine to live in our own power and in our own body.
this New Moon also offers us to work more deeply with our dreams, to become more aware of our dreams, of what dreaming means, how we dream, what dreams are, how dreams are created, how dreams manifest, etc. we can – if we so wish – deepen our dreaming capacities, dive deeper into the great mystery of dreaming. we can also intensify our dreaming capacities. 
a great way is to set clear intentions and have clear visions about our life on and with this planet, about what we want to dream into existence.
our intuition, imagination and creativity are heightened over the next two weeks and we can gain deeper insight into ourselves and others, about life itself and the great mystery of time and space. we can explore with more natural intuition what it means to be the clay, the pot, the potter and the potter’s wheel, to shape and form the vessel we are.
our empathy is also heightened, and the best relationship to experience a state of fusion is the one we have with the Earth herself. this way we can release any ambivalences with our own mother and any partner (who was/is too much or too less there, had/has too many or was/is lacking boundaries) and experience a state of paradisiacal fusion between the Earth as mother and ourselves.
this New Moon happens just before the Moon Venus conjunction (which is the 1st one with Venus being back as evening star, and Inanna ascending from her time in the underworld) – and Venus is the ruler of this New Moon, followed by Venus being conjunct the North Node. with all the knowledge we gain about time we can rewrite our karmic history, tell a new story, create a new version of our own destiny.
use the Moon window between Monday and Wednesday (walk the eighth, drum / journey, meditate, etc) and plunge as deeply and as intensely as you wish into these energies while still being able to close the current eclipse cycle…
image credit: Pandanna imagen / pixabay
New Moon – 11.05.2021

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