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Wheel of the year celebrations

The indigenous people live imbedded in the natural cycles. For them it is a given that everything is in constant flow, that death and life are one, that time is extendable, movable and exists of circles within circles, that in the wheel of the year there are monthly circles, in which daily circles, in which hourly circles circle… and that every circle is divided in a light and a dark side and starts with the dark half – because all being is born from the immeasurable mother dark; as the seed comes out of the dark soil, the child out of the dark womb, the day out of the night, the light out of the darkness. Every day dies into the night and every new day is born within the night, with every new moon a moon cycle is dying while another is born… life is a constant flow.

“To flow with the river
To be born with the morning
To die with the night
Star amongst stars
In the eternity of the universe.”

The wheel of the year is divided in eight parts – spokes, time periods. This division results from the immediate experience of the living and dying nature and isn’t an abstract numerical construct. The time periods all have different qualities and are domains of different divinities, resp. Of the divine couple of Sky and Earth, of sun god and vegetation goddess. The beginning and end of each is celebrated. There are four sun and four moon festivals. The solar festivals are determined by the fixed annual solar orbit: the solstices and equinoxes. The lunar festivals, also cross quarter days, are determined by the moon rhythm and thus movable (the fixing of the dates into the calendar only happened with Roman Catholic concept of time).

In the meantime there are again many ways how the festivities of the year are celebrated, with different focus and different rituals. With this one is again living in accordance with nature, and is experiencing the natural cycle of becoming and ending again resp more intensely. Moreover we can develop our perception of the non-ordinary reality as at the thresholds from one period to the next the veils between the worlds are especially thin.

I offer wheel of the year ceremonies at the place of magic soul in Germany or at any other appropriate place.

For dates please contact Nicoline Eicke at or +49 5673 6876

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