The Lyceum

The Lyceum (previously known as Pollen Method) is an indefinitely ancient form of energy medicine and seership. It weaves together oracular seeing, core shamanic praxis, darkness, ceremonial work, body-centric healing modalities and auricular transmissions. It is a form of intuitive and spiritual driven guidance. Its purpose is to reconnect the seeker to community, self, ecstasy and wellness. 

The threads of this gynocentric tradition reach back into folk-traditions and the teachings of European shamanism. The teachings have been passed from “mouth to ear” and have largely been held in secret since the rise of Patriarchy.

This vibrant and vital gynocentric shamanic pathway works with the honeybee and the serpent as its central motifs and living glyphs and works for the restoration and remembrance of the true countenance (Devine countenance). The seeker is given the opportunity to be reconnected into the greater hidden universe once again.

There a a number of distinguishing features to this practice:
Firstly, its practitioners are exclusively female due to the importance the womb plays in the method, being an agent and vessel of intelligence, able to see, scan, witness and inform the practitioner.

Secondly, the majority of the work takes place in the semidarkness, darkness being an important ally and teacher in the workings of this holistic practice, better to reveal the luminosity of the client to the practitioner and the client alike.


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