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Flying stars

For all dancing stars who are ready
To further follow the genuine yearning of their soul,
To encounter themselves anew,
To overcome time and space,
To arrive in the immediacy
And to create from it.

What prevents us from following freely and alive the genuine yearning of our soul are entanglements with our own past and that of our ancestors (family and culture). Also shame and guilt are masters of entanglements. They have determined us over thousands of years and have participated in weaving our moral and cultural net. There are only few moments in our everyday existence where we are completely free of them. They anchor us in the old familiar world. The help us to function, to belong to, but they prevent lively powerful ways of expression, which aren’t only enriching individually but which are also essential for the ever changing world of today. What happens if we liberate these forces from their old structure and give them new forms of expressions?

The Quantum physicists have taught us long ago that we experience space and time but that they do not really exists. We can engage in and have an effect on the horizontal time. We can engage in and have an effect on the physical structure. The ancient ones have always known that and how the forces operate and weave and that we, living in the midst of it, can use them. They have created rituals of which some have lasted over centuries while other had only an effect in their time. We will work with some of the rituals which have stood the test of time and let ourselves be effected by them. We will also open to that which is immediately present, connect ourselves to the new forces and create new rituals.

The course consists of 6 meetings, Saturdays, 10am – 6pm
Costs: 800.- € (or 140.- € each meeting)

Registration is valid for the whole course and binding
Prerequisite for taking part: dancing stars completed

Current course dates

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