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The awakening of the Melissae

A three-part gynocentric workshop for all women who walked the power of the Eight and who want to further dive into the mysteries of the old shamanic bee tradition.

The knowledge from the time when female wisdom was the matrix of all knowledge has always continued to exist as a subterranean stream for many centuries; it has only been transmitted orally from woman to woman. In this way new streams, rivulets and tributaries have formed, which until this day have maid the soil fertile and have inspired many women to embody the ancient female wisdom and to live it anew again and again.
This work allows you to encounter and rediscover the wisdom of your own laboratory. With each step on the ancient revived path you strengthen your vitality, expand your range of expression and gain more and more the sovereignty over yourself. You understand what it means to be the flower, the flowering and the pollination, to dance the infinite flight and to move between the worlds.

Number of participants: 6-12

Fee: € 860.-
The registration is for the complete course and binding

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