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Soul Retrieval

It happens frequently that parts of our soul-energy is blocked. In cases of trauma – accident, severe illness, abuse, loss of a loved person – parts of the soul can split off. Is soul energy missing our desire for our eternal soul, the home of our soul, increases. The home of our soul is the non-ordinary reality, time- and spacelessness. There the soul is eternal and complete. Its passionate impulse, its ineffable yearning to be here, to manifest itself, leads to the realisation, the crystallisation, into temporal existence. Once we have lost the contact to our eternal soul we also lack vitality. The consequences are chronic fatigue, joylessness, depression, increased susceptibility to diseases, lack of motivation, etc. One doesn’t have a sense of oneself anymore but cut off from life, the environment, and even the own body.

Through the so called soul retrieval these cut off, alienated, disenfranchised and isolated parts of the soul can be brought back into this life, and with that also their potential, their gifts and talents which in turn are then at our disposal to create our life. By reconnecting to our own eternal soul we can recognise our own yearning which results in healing.

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