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Death and dying

Accompanying long deceased souls as well as helping restless souls in the world between (psychopompos work) has become a big part of my shamanic work. It shows me that all souls are searching for healing because they want (and have) to be complete, whole, to continue their path.

Often there are people who have the impression that something – a deceased person or an energy unknown to them – is present. They dream intensively of them, hear noises, have the feeling that someone is in the room or even see something which others do not. A traumatic death can cause souls to be unable to find their way home. They are then still in this world, but without a physical body. That can also happen if they died with unresolved issues which then keeps the soul here or if their relatives can’t let them go.

Also death can be the step into healing. Despite the fact that death is our daily companion, most people are afraid of it. Dying people and their relatives usually don’t know how to deal with it, especially when it is a young person who’s soul had decided to go.

Preparing people for the journey into the “land of no return” and to show them how to step over the threshold, helps them as well as their relatives, to face death without fear and to honour and respect it as a daily companion.

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