Partial lunar eclipse – last stirring of the cauldron

The solar eclipse from 2nd July forms together with the partial lunar eclipse from 16th July the beginning of a new eclipse season (the next 6 months). The partial lunar eclipse builds the end of the eclipse cauldron which was opened by the total solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, […]

Mars and Venus in the underworld – a rare tryst

In every Venus cycle, after she has gone through the seventh gate, Innan/Venus is dying in the underworld. From 8th July till 19th September Venus isn’t visible anymore in the sky.  On 1st July (9.50 pm) the last Moon-Venus conjunction (27.53 Gemini) occurs before Venus disappears from the sky on 8th July (06.23 Cancer). This […]

Full Moon – wisdom of dreaming

Today’s Full Moon (Strawberry moon, honey moon, mead moon, rose moon), apart from falling into my favourite season (abundant wild and big strawberries, bee honey, garden full of roses, mild long evenings), has some important functions this year.   The Moon (25/53 Sagittarius)  does connect the exact Jupiter (18.37 rx Sagittarius)-Neptune (18.43 Pisces) square on […]

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