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New Moon – 15 November 2020

The next New Moon is on 15th November at 5.07 am UT
Moon and Sun are at 23°17’ Scorpio
sextile Pluto (22°54’ Capricorn), Jupiter (23°15’ Capricorn) and Saturn (27°06’ Capricorn), half sextile Venus (22°10’ Libra), trine Neptune (18°13’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed stars Unukalhai in the constellation of the Serpent and Agena in the constellation of the Centaur
The New Moon offers us two weeks to grow and expand and in this process to experience plenty of abundance. There is a lot of energy available which we can use to expand, tear down, transform, expand a bit more, tear down some more, transform and expand further…. … if one is willing to do so.
With this comes increased clarity about our personal survival instinct and what really really matters, what the deep-core goals of being a human really are. With this also comes more power. 
It will be an intensive and passionate time we enter. A time in which lots gets decluttered and thrown out – literally physically/ materially and also emotionally and mentally. To make space for what really matters, what really has value. It is likely that relationships are a central part of this process, especially those which are out of balance.
What is important is to
* stay ethical, to think and act from the heart, and also to use one’s power for something that is more than oneself.
* make sure to avoid immorality, deceit, malice, hard-heartedness, vengeance, bitterness, hatred, and sarcasm (to gain more power and to expand, or as a reaction to what is dying).
And it could also be wise to pay attention not to get involved in accidents, violence, dangerous situations, guns, prison, quarrels, intrigues, poison (see the fixed stars) – just to be on the sure side…
Dreaming, meditating and the like are (generally but right now particularly) helpful ways to drop one’s head into one’s heart (and bed it there) and to deepen one’s wisdom and understanding about one’s own and the global transformation happening. 
As we clean out personally this happens collectively as well (willingly or unwillingly), and there is immense stuff, many mind-made and mind-ruled systems we have been creating and holding on to/believing over millennia which are outlived now all getting ripped down. Not in one blow, not obviously visible everywhere yet but it is there, unfolding slowly and progressively. People who got into power position by corruption and deceit will try to hold on as forcefully as possible. It is easy to predict that we will witness plenty of further immoral acts in the upcoming weeks. But we have a choice whether we, too, cling to the old, or if we are willing to plunge into our hearts and endure and learn to hold the immense light and love that dwells there.
The old world is crumbling, a process that started in January this year with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 23° Capricorn – same degree the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happens to be on now. We can not predict the new, but we can be in each eternal Now and allow our own system to change, to get transformed. There is no security in this. And this is good because “every time we choose safety we reinforce fear” (Cheri Huber). We simply have to trust. When we have shed all our fears we truly drop in our hearts. When we shed all our fears we find new routes. When we shed all our fears we become who we are, we discover and experience our true nature, our light – individually and as mankind. That is the gift and power we can offer.
Use the Moon window between Saturday and Monday and drop into your heart, meditate, walk the eighth, drum, … … to find out more about your true self and power. And then enjoy your muck out over the next two weeks 😉
image credit: Design N Print / pixabay
New Moon – 15 November 2020

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