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New Moon – 1.2.2022

the next New Moon is on 1st February at 5.45 am UT

Moon and Sun 12°19′ Aquarius
conjunct Saturn (15°30′ Aquarius), square Uranus (10°53′ Taurus), sextile Chiron (9°16′ Aries), semisextile Venus (11°14′ Capricorn), conjunct fixed star Armus in the heart of the Goat

it happens just a few days after the 1st Inanna Gate, and has a lot in common with it. the Moon was with Venus semisextile the Sun, now she is with the Sun semisextile Venus. she was trine Uranus and is now square Uranus, she was square Chiron and is now sextile Chiron. 

it is, yet again, another Moon picking up the Uranus-Saturn-square that has been dominating life on Earth for the last year and which will continue to do so this year as well, though Saturn is slowly moving out of it. one could think the universe is getting boring but obviously we need to spend more time with this, there is much more to learn, realise, change, free.

no matter how many regulations, restrictions, limitations, over-control, rebellions and chaos meet us in the outer world and how we react towards them (like or dislike), we are invited to solve the tension between those two forces within.

this New Moon also triggers deep wounds of feeling unable to act and assert oneself and on the other side activates our contentiousness, pride, wilfulness and arrogance. a mixture that manifests in feelings of frustration and could lead into external conflicts, particularly in relationships.

we are invited to look within for what causes us to feel nervous, anxious, unsettled. we are invited to find the source that is causing tension and conflict within: where we restrict our true self in its full expression. only because we do so we want to, we feel we have to, rebel against something without.

it is best to be as flexible and open-minded as possible, to invite change, to activate our originality, to be creatively authentic, to say yes to life – all life and not just part of it. only because of death (change-bringer) life is possible. so let us freely die out of our routines, habits, control and defence mechanisms to become alive.

Aquarius is great in telling us what one ought and should do and what not. we are full with those beliefs. yet who is this “one”? if we are honest, not we, that is for sure. who does this “one” serve? great questions to ponder…

the new Venus cycle is about the old wise grandmother, the crown who knows about the natural cycles and who preserves the sacred forces of creation. her medicine shows us what we are in truth and how we can live for ourselves, for each other and for the Earth. this Capricorn cycle is about liberating ourselves from ourselves (from our self-deception and excuses), to become soul in its crystalline form, to “know thyself”. she, the crone, exists within each of us and teaches us the sacred laws, of which one is “as without so within”. she encourages us to look honestly at ourselves and how we live our life and to let go of all habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions, so that we become more fully who we are in truth and live more fully in truth, speak truth (scrying), see truth (divination).

the “as Above” shows us to live in the “as Below” (another sacred law) from the wisdom of our hearts. to be able to do this we have to look within. looking within confronts us with our pains and fears and compensation patterns. ouch, yes. but very healing and liberating if we dare to embrace them. this also leads to the healing of our ancestral lines (most of those patterns have been passed down many generations, some even millennia). our heart is like the alchemical cosmic heart able to transform everything.

use the Moon window between Monday and Wednesday (drum, walk the eight, meditate, dance etc) to change, to shed everything that hinders you from expressing from your heart.


image credit: (baba yaga)

New Moon – 1.2.2022

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