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Message of the Spirit World – 20.11.2020

seeing and feeling the changing times, the clashing of the old structures with the not yet manifested new energies, our intention for this Friday’s tele study circle is to investigate, research, explore the unknown increasing energy and transformation taking place. 

we have received information, teaching, guidance, healing regarding what we as humans can do so our bodies become strong healthy vessels to contain the new energies. how we can strengthen and become more aware of our light body, our plasma body – we have to die, embrace our shadows, burn in the fire, let the grief flow our of us… not just once but again and again.

we have received information, teaching that our consciousness is expanding, able to perceive new dimensions. our body as homo sapiens is getting transformed (some cultures say into homo luminous). The law is that where the intention goes the energy flows… therefor we focus, bring our intention to this new homo 


the coagulation resulted in
cross through the rock face
drop your old form and leave it behind like a snake shedding its skin
step over the border with all your acknowledged and unacknowledged parts
and enter, glide, through the crack in the rock 
into the cave
deeply inhale its air
slowly drink from its fountain
bending back, chest open, look up into the milky way
and gather her dripping star-drops 
into your heart
absorbing, purifying
becoming aware of the connection to all space and all time
vibrating with pure joy and levity
understanding what kind of game life is
in the cave’s heart
all weight, all shadows, all shame and guilt, all addictions to suffer 
you had carried for a life time, for generations, for centuries
all transformed to pure power – levity and light
embrace and imbibe it
in the cave
all cells lucent
starting from the heart 
step out from the cave into the green meadow 
through the doors to the six-armed Shiva 
set forth to meet the auspicious one,
the embodiment of the heart
open the doors of the cave
less (in needs) and more (in heart)
your unique colour of the light spectrum radiates out 
far into the grid
to met and be met by all other sparkling colours 
making humankind an illuminating rainbow
For this there is a fitting text as well:
There are doorways that were meant for you to walk through and each in lifetime you may pass by many of them and never open a single one. And then comes a cycle—and sacred this cycle is—when you become aware of the doors, and one by one you open them and walk through. Each door opened creates a pulse that changes the universal beat around you. Each door opened introduces a new frequency to your reality and each new reality allows you to soar higher. This is your time and your mission, to open these doors and walk through.

Message 6-3-12 Threshold D.B.Ashuah
image credit: StockSnap / pixabay
Message of the Spirit World – 20.11.2020

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