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Full Moon – 18.01.2022

The first Full Moon this year is on 18th January 2022 at 11.49 pm UT

Moon is at 27°50′ Cancer (Sun 27°50′ Capricorn)
opposite Pluto (26°29′ Capricorn), quincunx Mars (25°15′ Sagittarius), trine Neptune (21°02′ Pisces), sextile North Node (0°08’rx Gemini), conjunct the seventh brightest star in the sky, Procyon, in the constellation of the Lesser Dog, part of the winter hexagon

Pluto is the most powerful energy of this Full Moon. Like the new Venus cycle shows, the world seems to need this kind of transformative energy right now. Remember, the energies are always working for us, never against us. It is only us humans who use the energies against life and against death, catapulting ourselves into ever greater separation.

This Full Moon confronts us with our deepest most hidden emotions – usually our most intensive ones. Those we learned to hide because … (fill in the blank). We are confronted with where we manipulate, control, abuse (be this ourselves or others). It brings to the surface, into consciousness, our deepest secrets, our compulsions, our obsessions.

If we don’t run away form ourselves we can deepen our self-understanding with this Full Moon, we can see more clearly our deepest fears, understand what of our emotions we suppress, how we try to manipulate the emotions of those close to us, and then release our compulsory thoughts, feelings and actions to be more who we truly are.

As one can imagine, relationships are the closest field where all of this is going to be played out. Relationships are where we get most easily angered, act out our inner turmoil. Relationships could undergo dramatic arguments, quarrels, jealousy outbreaks, apportioning of blame, feelings of shame, any kind of control and manipulation, violent battles, disastrous endings with this Full Moon. Especially as Mars is joining the field from an angle we can’t see (like the blind spot in the mirror when driving). If you are prone to violence and abuse be double careful (either way: acting it out or receiving it).

Increased self awareness is what can avoid this. We can train ourselves to detect any sinister thought, any manipulative tactics – be this in ourselves or in others. And if it is in ourselves to decide to stop ourselves. If it comes our way from others to decide not to enter the battle field. We can decide to take care not to be imprudent, to avoid any fiasco. We can decide to look within and to embrace all emotions in ourselves, to lack the fear of experiencing intense or profound feelings, feelings we can’t control. At the end, behind every fear, is our fear to die. Truth is, we, what we are in truth, does not die. Never. It is always the outer form that dies, continuously. And as much as we try, this we can’t stop as it is part of creation. The old wise ones, the sages, the grandmothers, the crones and hags know this. But we as mankind have shunned them as well. In society as well as in ourselves. This Full Moon does remind us to turn towards them, to remember, to reclaim the knowledge that sits in our DNA, in our bones.

The more we take on board of our hidden, unconscious side, embrace it, the greater the transformation of it can be. And as I said before, these times scream for transformation.
Acceptance, feeling sorry about it, grieving, shedding tears of healing, loving ourselves, thanking ourselves and the energies. This is what transforms our destructive unhealthy emotional behaviours and brings us more in alignment with our true Self. The more we release with gratitude and love (after all, it has served a purpose once, mostly to survive) the more we discover our inner jewels, the more we can blossom and shine.

This Full Moon allows us also to ponder about and understand death and its function, its gifts, its importance and to begin to not only accept death but to honour her as much as we honour life. The more we die the more alive be become. In our massive try to banish death mankind has managed to become rather lifeless. Our fear of not belonging squashed our unique feelings. With them we buried our unique light, our part of the divine energy in expression. We act as we are told, following orders, taking on responsibilities from the outside, and forget our true responsibility which is to reliably protect and preserve the sacredness of all life, to know and live according to the sacred rules of creation.

The Winter Hexagon is recognized by the Native Americans in an “As Above So Below” connection to their concept of the Sacred Hoop. This configuration of stars includes Sirius, Rigel, the Pleiades (astronomers use Aldebaran), Capella, Pollux and Procyon. The Ecliptic (plane of our solar system) and the Milky Way (plane of the galaxy) cross through and intersect near the middle of this circle of stars, forming a cross within a circle.

This area of the sky has been linked with beginnings and origins by many cultures over time. The place where the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy crosses the plane of our Solar System, aka the “gate of Cancer” or the “silver gate”, is considered by many as the place where souls enter into incarnation. The opposite point of the sky, in the direction of the galactic center is the “gate of Capricorn” or the “golden gate” and seen as an exit point, where souls leave after death. Another version of an entrance into incarnation is seen in the great equilateral triangle, the so called “heaven’s gate” in the Hoop, formed by Sirius, Procyon, and Orion’s Betelgeuse. Most of Orion lies inside the Hoop and the Mayans perceived the sword of Orion as a sacred fire of creation inside a fire pit. Interestingly modern astronomers have discovered that this region of space is birthing new stars.

Creation requires a gathering together and focusing of your power within a circle of commitment – like a seed, an egg, a womb or a marriage. If you would create and not destroy, you must remember always the Sacred Hoop. Consider wisely the ways you use your power and then around those ways draw the sacred circle of commitment. In the warm atmosphere of that circle, the power of love builds and builds like a storm above the wet summer prairie until suddenly the circle can hold no more and explodes in the conception of the new” ~ White Buffalo Calf Woman 

This Full Moon on one point of the Sacred Hoop illuminates this ancient old wisdom and allows us to tap into and create further healing and unity by energising our ability to forgive and to love – ourselves, others, life, death. By this we intensify our aliveness, we show up fully as who we are in truth.

Use the Moon window (journey, walk the eight, meditate, watch the Full Moon on one point of the Sacred Hoop, dream, dance, make a ceremony – be creative) between Monday and Wednesday to go deeper and deeper into the murky waters of your emotions, to die, to liberate yourself, to become more alive, to create.


blog image: Gerd Altmann / pixabay
sacred hoop image: Daniel Giamario / shamanicastrology

during my reading and searching I found this website with beautiful space images – in case you love them as much as I do

Full Moon – 18.01.2022

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