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Inanna at the gate of Truth

On my walk tonight I saw the thin crescent moon under Venus, and I suddenly remembered that the next Moon-Venus conjunction is upon us (and with that Inanna’s stepping through the last gate out of the underworld). In all the different contributions, congress videos, zoom meetings concerning Covid-19, this would have nearly been missed.

On der way out of the underworld, Inanna steps through the 7th gate on the 28th of March and receives back her crown. The 7th gate is synonymous with our crown chakra, Sahasrara. It is the centre of consciousness of our spirituality, where we are connected with the sky, the divine, the whole creation, the universe, our soul design.

When it is open and activated, we experience the merging with the higher being, we are full of confidence, we ‘know’ deep inside what is true, without understanding why, and we can achieve deepest insights to the point of of universal consciousness.

Nothing is more important than this in the current crisis. In the coming weeks it is essential to attain again our divine authority, our own crown, and to live in a good connection with our own spiritual centre. When we do this, we are automatically connected with the big spiritual net, with the earth, the cosmos and the whole of creation.

The following supports us in this:

  • the colours white and gold, e.g. wear more often white clothes, wear golden jewellery, write and paint with gold colour, eat cauliflower, drink golden milk.
  • clear crystal and diamond
  • smudging with sandalwood and frankincense
  • the symbol of the thousand-petalled lotus flower (Sahasrara = thousandfold)
  • Sahasrara activating asanas and pranayama techniques
  • meditations with the mantra Om or in silence
  • singing the musical syllable ‘do’
  • archangel Metratron

Venus and Moon (24°18° Taurus) are in trine to Jupiter (23°57′ Capricorn), Pluto (24°47′ Capricorn), Mars (28°27′ Capricorn) and Saturn (0°27′ Aquarius).

Covid-19 is obviously a part of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020. Often plagues, viruses or pandemics appeared under the Saturn-Pluto conjunction – like in 1331 when the plague erupted in China; the Spanish flu started soon after a Saturn-Pluto conjunction; the AIDS epidemics began during a Saturn-Pluto conjunction; SARS shortly after a Saturn-Pluto opposition; the swine flu during a Saturn-Pluto square.

It is also clear that not all Saturn-Pluto conjunctions are accompanied by an influenza epidemic or other pandemics. Saturn-Pluto conjunctions take place every 34-37 years, and in-between there are two squares and the opposition. But those epidemics, which happen during such constellations are severe. We likely will have to deal with Covid-19 for a while longer. Let’s make the best of it!

It is very important not to fall into panic and hysteria, because in this case we will not be able to recognise what is really a threat, and what is just based on fear. Unfortunately, those in power tend to manipulate fears in order to control whole populations and nations, so that dictatorial structures can be introduced into societies (all in the name of ‘protection of the population’).

Pluto-Saturn is always a wake-up call. It is always serious. It is about shadow themes, which suddenly burst into the open. It releases fears. It’s about the dying of safety structures (at least they were experienced as such). It is about getting rid of rigid and heavy things/aspects of our lives, to break up old structures. In this way we can create space for that which represents our true, authentic life; for what fulfils us and makes us happy; for becoming conscious of our spiritual nature. Apart from the monsters which creep up now, we can also bring up hidden treasures.

We see how under Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Mars the old structures don’t work anymore. It’s not only about our health but also about the world economy. It’s about governments and rigid systems. We are at the beginning of a gigantic upheaval. And we are co-creating it. There are many positive changes which we can detect already. The way we live on this earth is currently changing rapidly.

As stated before, Pluto brings to the surface age-old fears and beliefs, which keep us from experiencing our true divine being. In order to do this, we need to release our shadows, face our doubts and insecurities, deal with our deepest fears – all of which keep us from connecting with our true Self and to live it.

Venus/Moon are in Taurus and activate this process with a trine, and therefore show us the beauty which is currently present in all this insanity.


Inanna at the gate of Truth

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