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Message from the Spirit World – 18.09.2020

Our intention in the Tele Study Circle on 18th September 2020 was to explore our light body, which is developing, a bit further: what is best for me right now to increase, support its development? so that the divine creative energy, the shih, the SHE can flow more freely in it and express through it?

We have been researching, entering non-ordinary reality, for half a year now. We have received many great guidances and insights how to navigate through the change that 2020 is offering, and that is going to last some more years. It is a big change of consciousness – on all levels, in all cells.
This change has begun long time ago but has gathered momentum with 2020 and can’t be ignored anymore – unless one is fast asleep (also a choice – a choice many people still prefer. don’t judge them, but know those can’t be convinced and taken on board. they will do their own voyage)

The coagulation of all answers resulted in the following:
everything has consequences
wake up from the rigid ignorance
mobilise your intuition
activate your imagination
end the monkey business of separation
still, stabilised within
singing, humming, shining, breathing, in your own vibration
open the doors of your garden widely
for all that has especially beneficial and nourishing vibrations for your garden:
sounds, smells, words, forms, images, rain, sun, wind, stars,…
as a sovereign gardener create waterfalls
form green valleys for dragons and crystal palaces for dwarfs
cut free the light paths between the lotus flower and the pine
dance in the star light through the flowerage and
brew the healing potion which brings the remembrance:
take care of your physical and light bodies equally
ensure enough sleep and good nourishment
drop into the silence
burn in the funeral pyre and drain all heaviness
become light and vibrant
perceive, more and more consciously, your vertical aligned light body
how it also breathes, together with your physical body
in from the stars to the heart out into the earth, in from the earth to the heart out into the stars
how it stabilises and becomes more defined
how, the more stable it is, it receives and gives and widens
dissolve the hectic and chaos
which destroy the connection and make you disoriented, ignorant
enjoy the light bodies of others
their vibrancy, their crackling
when you look a bit above their bodies
image credit: Alvaro Coelho / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 18.09.2020

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