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Inanna at the 4th gate

With the next Moon-Venus conjunction on 13th October (exact 2.55 UT) Inanna steps through the next gate on her way into the underworld. While we can watch the shining two beauties on the eastern horizon before sunrise, Inanna hands over her breastplate at the 4th gate.

The 4th gate represents our heart chakra, Anahata. By handing it over, Inanna lets go of all that hinders her to see and feel the beauty which is in all and everything.  We can do the same thing and eliminate all blockages of our heart centre by dealing with the shadow aspects of it: desire, fraud, indecisiveness, hesitation, anxiety, cravings, prejudice, arrogance, discrimination, contempt, deception – all that hinders us to see and feel the beauty and harmony that is in all.

Anahata (intact, unhurt) is the seat of our unconditional love, dedication, commitment, selflessness, and healing. It rules our empathy and compassion, and when it is open we perceive the beauty and harmony that is in everything.

Supporting in handing over our breastsplate and cleansing our heart centre are:
* the colours green and pink. Eating green vegetables. Wearing or placing crystals like aventurine, chrysocolla, jade, moss agate, olivine, emerald, tourmaline, coral, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz. Changing the picture gallery. Bringing pink flowers into the house. Wearing green and pink clothes. etc. 
* smudging with rose, frankincense, iris root, myrtle, copaiba balsam, peru balsam, melissa, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood 
* picture of the 12 petalled lotus flower
* symbol of the hexagram 
* archangel Raphael
* meditation with the mantra YAM
* anahata activating asanas and pranayama
* tone FA
* questions like: where am I prejudiced? where do I shut myself off? which people who are different, have different opinions, scare me? what in me scares me that is different and not part of the mainstream? what actions and viewpoints do I discriminate? who/what do I judge? what holds me back to stand up and act according to me truth? 
* to be filled with wonder about what happens when one is connected with the above and the below, when one is amid one’s own heart
* to pause, listen to one’s heart and courageously make decisions from there

Moon/Venus (13°15′ Virgo) are in sextile to Mercury (11°40′ srx Scorpio), sesquiquadrate Lilith (29°11′ Aries), oppose Neptune (18°42′ rx Pisces), trine Uranus (9°23′ rx Taurus), trine Jupiter (18°55′ Capricorn), and conjunct the fixed star Coxa in the constellation of the Leo.
A great time to reduce the orientation in the outside and to turn inward. Mercury just went stationary retrograde. Coxa offers insights by oracle, Neptune by dreaming.

We can find out what is changing in ourselves in these times of massive change (where we are creating a new reality which no-one had thought would be possible), for what our heart beats, what our heart shows us to be the truth, where we belong. We can discover more about ourselves and the path of the Great Spirit, which is full of love and understanding and vitality.
In this process it is helpful to laugh about ourselves, take ourselves and the world less serious, and ask us repeatedly: How can I create more joy, more freedom, more fulfilment?

During the next weeks, with the help of retrograde Mercury, we can stop to use our mind in the old well known way. We can drop into our heart which operates beyond rational linear logic. With all we receive about knowledge, expressions of joy and playfulness, possibilities of freedom, where everyone can express his/her true self, we become able to expand our mind so that we can see a new perspective and arrive beyond the border of our perception and reality. As soon as our mind has crossed the border it can’t get back into the old comfort zone anymore. It knows about the new, and growth and evolution are inevitable consequences, no matter how much one likes to go back into the old (supposedly) secure world.

image credit: Gerd Altmann / pixabay

Inanna at the 4th gate

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