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Inanna at the last gate

The fist days of June are full of astronomical events. On the evening of the 1st June Moon is conjunct Venus (21°11 Taurus) and Inanna passes the seventh and last gate on her way into the underworld.
The next New Moon (12°33 Gemini) will be on June 3rd. On 4th Moon is conjunct Mercury (29°39 Gemini), on 5th Moon is conjunct Mars (13°10 Cancer) and on 7th Moon is within the bee hive cluster (the second brightest cluster, M44).  

At the seventh gate Inanna has to hand over her robe. With this step she is letting go of all Material, all connections to her role in the upper world. Here she is naked and there is nothing that separates her from Nobody else. At this place of vulnerability we have the time to free ourselves from all attachments and to remember who we are in our essence. 

The current Venus cycle (Libra) is about relationships, the co-creation of relationships – our relationship with ourself, with our body, our intimate relationships, the relationships with our family, the realtionship with the collective and the community, our relationship with nature, with the minerals, the plants, the animals, the water, the air, the fire, the earth, the cosmos, our relationship with the divine masculine and divine feminine that is in all.

We live in a time that is about the balance between masculine and feminin energy. It’s about honouring the own universal feminine and masculine sides in everyone (men and women alike) and to feel (again) the own connection with the feminine and masculine energies and to express them consciously. 

The Libra Goddess honours every being equally and she knows that every being’s voice is valid to be heard. She is cultivating conscious co-creative relationships. She sees and values all perspectives, even those that are different to her own opinion. She is ready to curiously investigate other perspectives. Her interest goes beyond personal relationships and includes her body, her home, the earth, the cosmos, nature, because all relationships do inform her about herself and who she is. She is willing to look into the mirror of relationships and to recognise that all she is meeting is mirroring her either her shadow or her true essence. 

The seventh gate represents our root chakra and 1st energy centre. It is the place of our vital energy, our engine, our basic survival needs, our deepest trust, our connection with the earth. By walking through this gate we give up all illusionary securities (mainly in relationships) and to find trust in our own root chakra. 
Helpful with this are
* engaging, working with the element earth, e.g. garden work 
* pausing, noticing and listening to the own body, its needs, one’s own sensuality (moon and venus in taurus)
* the colour red – food, clothing, flowers, paintings, … 
* drumming and/or listenden to drumming, dancing to it 
* rosemary, clover, ginger, cypress, ceder
* asanas, meditations and other exercises that activate and energise the root centre 
* the mantra LAM
* the solfige DO
* the archangel Uriel

Moon and Venus (21°11 Taurus) make a trine tote southern north node (18°05 rx capricorn), to Saturn (19°41 rx capricorn) and Pluto (22°49 rx capricorn), a sextile to Neptun (18°37 pisces), a quincunx to Jupiter (20°35 rx sagittarius) and a semisquare to (5°21 aries), and are conjunct fixed stars in Erdanus (the river).
It is about separation from old securities, from defining oneself about status, social rank and income, to turn towards feelings (north node in cancer, in a few days moon mars conjunction in cancer), towards (one’s spiritual) family and community, towards the place of ( one’s spiritual) home. It is about allowing oneself (again) to dream consciously, to recognise that we dream our reality into being, that dreaming is an active process. 

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Inanna at the last gate

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