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New Moon

The next New Moon (12°33’ Gemini) is on 3rd June at 10.01 am UTC.
Sun and Moon are square Neptune (18°38’ Pisces), opposite Jupiter (20°23’ rx Sagittarius), conjunct minor fixed (pi) stars in the shield/ lion skin of Orion ( and the royal fixed star Aldebaran (
There will be room to expand our intuitive perception, our dreaming abilities, our consciousness.
There will be exceptional energy, perseverance, courage, self-confidence, optimism accessible. 
We can use all this and channel it into dreaming, creative projects, following the genuine yearning of our soul to express.
If we hold back, don’t allow ourselves to be seen and heard, if we wrap ourselves in doubts, we could find ourselves in high stress and increasing anxiety states.
It could also be that our faith is tested, eg by disappointment, deception or loss 
and we could slide into drowning and drugs.
Another more unhealthy way could be that we go into overoptimism, over-idealisation, treachery, arrogance, wanting a short-cut, a quick-fix,…
Saturn is sextile Neptune, so (once again), a sensible realistic approach (knowing our limitations while allowing us to dream big) does help. Focussing on intention and will while being optimistic, being patient and self-disciplined to hold the image of the long-term success in our minds. Applying spiritual wisdom. 
For all walking the ancient paths there is lot to ponder about: Orion being the mighty hunter and the word Orion being linked to the word urine; Orion being connected to the rising sun at the horizon; Orion being the conjunction of sperm and egg (zygote). 
We can dream ourselves anew under this New Moon, dream ourselves in flow and in might. We can respond to our own call and take our own medicine.
picture source: Marc Layer (wikipedia)
New Moon

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