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Full Moon August 2020

The next Full Moon is on 3rd August, 3.58 pm UT

Moon 11°45′ Aquarius (Sun 11°45′ Leo)
square Uranus (11°38′ Taurus), conjunct fixed star Albali in the constellation of the Water Pourer.

Expect the unexpected is the best advice for this Full Moon. There will be unpredictable, peculiar, unusual, exciting new events in one form or another, that much is certain. The energies are erratic, causing rigid structures, behaviours, beliefs to undergo change.

Depending on one’s nature this can feel unsettling, frightening, upsetting, distractive, cause sleeplessness, agitation, restlessness. Or “simply” stir one’s need for independence, freedom, more space and eccentricity.

Important is to avoid resisting the changes, rushing into reckless behaviour, risky adventures, falling into mood-swings, following negative pessimistic, fearful thinking – but to be flexible and adapt to the changes that are happening, to allow the changes to happen and unfold. In case of resistance we can ask ourselves what thoughts, beliefs, people, circumstances we hold onto out of fear.
Inmidst the uncertainty in the world, and where fear is massively used by the media, it is important to remember that we can fully trust the divine, in the Earth and in the stars. Whatever this Full Moon’s earthquake-like shaking brings down, has been weak and meaningless, thus has to go. The changes offer new space for a more meaningful life.

The story of Ganymedes is likely to be one of the oldest of kidnapping. We have created a world where this has become normal daily activity (see the recent increasing facts about child trafficking). Many people are shocked about the numbers and the many institutions involved who advertise as helping children. It is time we wake up and see clearly what is going on in this world. We need to read between the lines of the old stories, the many children’s books, and use/tap into the even older, ancient, knowledge and wisdom of what is right and wrong according to universal laws. We need to stop taking certain things a normal, only because there are so many of those stories.
We can ask ourselves what of our beautiful innocent (child) meaningful aspects we have allowed to be stolen, taken away.

This Full Moon allows us to “divine springs under the ground and conduct them above, to transform the flow of water so as to spray the very stars”. We can open our mind, expand our awareness, change the (old limiting) thinking avenues in our brain. We can tap into our intuition and heartfelt wisdom. We can see more clearly our true path between the Earth and the stars.

Choose whatever is best for you to tune into the energies of this Full Moon anytime between 2nd and 4th of August, so that fearlessly and open minded you can receive new downloads: walk, meditate, drum, make an altar, sit under the moonlight, etc.

image credit: Ganymed, Bürkliplatz in Zürich, © Roland Fischer, Zürich (Switzerland)

Full Moon August 2020

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