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Message from the Spirit World – 11.09.2020

“All interactions in our universe involve an essential energy that guides the movement of every particle, and determines every outcome. Those who understand and utilise this energy are able to control the thoughts and actions of the multitude of humanity only as long as the latter are devoid of their own access it.” (Kevin Daniel Annett) 
Sun Tzu called this energy shih. Plato saw it as a pre-existing essence behind the mask of appearances. Some like to call it God. Marie Saint-Marie calls it SHE, the primal female power of creation. Or we can call it the golden nectar. Whatever we call it, it is the very energy, which we need to claim back. 
Our intention for Friday was: How can I best access (again) shih, the power of creation? And how can I best (for myself and the well-being of all) consciously make use of it for the co-creation of the new world? 
Astrologically we get the opportunity during the next weeks to hand over all our limitations and difficulties to express our truth. In times where a huge portion of our expression is taken from us by having to wear masks, not being allowed to demonstrate in peace, it becomes even more important, not to allow more restriction but to create new possibilities of a healthy self-expression.
Creation begins with conscious dreaming and the formation of thoughts. We then ad the breath of life (SHE or shih) and send our words into the world. 
More about this you can find here and here.
The coagulation of the experiences of all participants resulted in the following answer:
sit at the well of the wyrd under the world tree
listen to their laughter 
while they spinn the thread
sink into the no-time and the no-space, realising: 
every where is the right place
every now is the right time
the divine is always everywhere
the whole universe is spun and sung 
into creation from the same source
in each of your DNA hovers dormant 
this fine laughter curled up as a separate golden circuit
unlock and connect it to your physical circulations with a cup of honeyed or cinnamoned oat milk 
let the invigorating energy circle through you
bath in it until you have been all, experienced being all:
the tiger killing its prey, the hunter killing the tiger, the prey being killed, the hore, the saint, the witch, the water, the stone, the fire, the eagle, the tree, the star… … all
all in this world and all in the Above and all in the Below
feel in each corner of your body the heavenly silence which is nothing else than the holy ecstasy at the same time
be one with death and creation as they are but one
continuously practice laughing from each cell’s core, from deep within
all your attention centred, without considering how you might be perceived by others
thus being able to manifest divinity in your everyday life – in each now and each place
being an awake, conscious, re-aligned, utterly connected centred creator
you again have access to the book of wisdom and
listen to your heart
turn on your light and be of guidance
shape shift and navigate through all dangerous situations
trust your natural meandering – like a river – and create a path
always accept the guidance of your allies as what they do is to make you remember all this
so you can fearlessly and freely live – experience and express – 
the divine truth that your are
image credit: Wikilmages / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 11.09.2020

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