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Message from the Spirit World – 27.11.2020

This time our intention was trust. To find your own deep primal trust (where has it disappeared to? For some the whole trust , for some a part of it), to heal, nourish, strengthen it.

The coagulated answer was:

doubts have tangled your hair
sit at the edge of the well
take your time, sing softly
and comb it free
climb down your hair to the bottom of the well
step through the night gate into the pink rose garden 
and from there down, down, down 
through the ancient forest and further down 
down down down to Python and Typhon
guardians and protecters of that primal trust
who have been keeping it out of eyesight from Satan 
so he only has been able to fuck up your mind
and further down, down, down
to burn your poisonous doubts in the fire of Earth’s belly
take your time till they are all purified
all gone and transformed
nip from the flame into your empty belly
fill your belly with the divine fire, 
kindle your own hearth
and feed it until it is strong and steady
then up you go to collect your trust 
from Python and Typhon
and up, up, up through the ancient forest
and up, up, up, through the rose garden and the stars
up to the well where you sit
softly singing and combing your hair
under the crystal clear stars reflecting
in the silver pool of the moon 
bath and sing and comb till dawn
till the golden sun replaces her silver sister
opening your chest with her warm rays
and softening the hardened honey
let the emaciated hunter
attracted by the sweet scent
sit at your hearth fire and
share the golden nectar with him
you become, like phoenix from the ashes,
a divine child
fully aware of its divine potential
all cells vibrating divine trust
image credit: Pexels/ pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 27.11.2020

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