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Full Moon – 20.09.2021

the next Full Moon is on 20th September at 11.55pm UT
Moon is at 28°13’ Pisces (Sun 28°13’ Virgo)
semisquare Uranus (14°23’ Taurus), conjunct Neptune (21°36’ rx Pisces), sextile Pluto (24°22’ rx Capricorn), sesquiquadrate Venus (11°35’ Scorpio), opposite Mars (3°52’ Libra), conjunct the fixed stars Scheat, on the leg in the constellation of Pegasus, and Azelfafage, the tail of the constellation of the Swan.
this Moon is an interesting one as it has, apart from modern-used aspects (to Venus and Uranus), no major aspects  in its sign after it nudges away from the Sun. this is called „void“. the Moon is also in between two constellations. 
for me this Full Moon offers a great time to work with the void, and to spend a lot of time at the knot, the neither neither, the all and nothing, the betwixt and between.
this Full Moon illuminates the equinox mysteries as it happens so very close to the autumn-equinox. in the Northern hemisphere this Moon is called the harvest moon. this invites to look inside and honour the personal harvest we had this year. what did grow, what did ripen, for what are we thankful. for the Southern hemisphere it is what do I want to grow… for both it is one of the two great times in the year we can come into balance and we can see clearly and hold equally both loops of past and future, of the old and the new, of day and night, of life and void.
I also invite you to watch the sun rise and/or sun set at equinox (great way to engage with the energies) or do some kind of ceremony. During the equinox the Earth’s magnetic field is affected by the Sun’s alignment with the equator. The Sun rises and sets due East and due West all over the planet (except at the poles) – equinox means equal light and dark, equal day and night. this creates a solar effect that lasts about 48 hours. there is a measurable reduction in the magnetic field around the Earth. this is a dimensional doorway and we can connect with other realms and dimensions more easily. many cultures have always known this and used it by creating ceremonies at that time (e.g. Chichen Itza and Dzbilchaltun in Mexico, V-Bar-V Ranch in Arizona).
during the equinox the Sun rises at the crosspoint of the ecliptic of our solar system and the celestial equator which expands into space. in the sky this is between the head of the constellation of Virgo and the tail of the constellation Lion. the Zero Libra Point, where the Sun is at the September equinox, is also aligned with the North Galatic Pole (90 degrees north of the Galactic Plane in the constellation of Coma Berenice. the constellation Coma Berenice next to the Lion points directly to the North Galactic Pole). this alignment only happens for about 144 years every 26.000 years (we really live in special times!). interestingly astronomers consider this region of the sky one of the best for studying other galaxies! 
when we engage with the mysteries, when we utilise the energies, we can tap into eternal wisdom, we can de-program all the programming we went through from childhood on, we can change our autopilot based on false belief sentences, we can gain greater understanding of our relationship to time and space, we can experience that we are truly becoming more multi-dimensional, we can learn how to consciously exist in many realms simultaneously. this multi-dimensional perspective enhances our ability to consciously dream the dream onward.
the following chant to invoke the energies of the equinox is by Diana L Paxton: 

Let Day be bounded by the Night…
Dark be balanced by the Light.
Earth and Sky and Sun and Sea,
A circled cross shall ever be.
Let sorrow make a space for joy,
Let grief with jubilance alloy,
Step by step to make our way,
Till Darkness shall unite with Day…

Each season by the next is bound,
Meetings, partings, form the round,
The sacred center is our frame,
Where all is changing, all the same…
Moving, we become more still,
Impassioned, we are bound by will,
Turning in perpetuity
While Time becomes Eternity…


in the outer world a lot of change is likely to go on…  some friendships might end, also new ones can begin. there can be losses, accidents, or any kind of sudden changes. 
yet we can drop deep with this Full Moon. we can follow our instinct, find wisdom and further insight. it feels like an invitation to manage both: to fly above any situation we are in and at the same time emotionally to plunge deep. we can contemplate and dream, we can open our mind to not-knowing and receive. by this we can increase our knowledge and expand our horizon – literally 🙂
use the Moon/equinox window between Monday and Thursday – drum, meditate, walk the eight resp sit at the knot – with an awareness above and dropping deeper than ever before at the same time, opening up for dimensions unknown to you until now.

image credit: randomhh / pixabay
Full Moon – 20.09.2021

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