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Full Moon – 17.12.2021

next Full Moon is 19th December at 4.35 am UT
Moon 27°28’ Gemini (Sun 27°28’ Sagittarius)
trine Jupiter (28°10’ Aquarius), quincunx Venus (26°29’ Capricorn) and Pluto (25°32’m Capricorn), semisquare Uranus (11°12’ rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Saturn (10°34′ Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Polaris in the constellation of the Lesser Bear and, the 9th brightest star on the sky, Bertelgeuse in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter 
this Full Moon is picking up the great square between Uranus and Saturn we have been living with for the whole year. so, no, it is not over yet… there will be more change of old structures coming our way. 
part of this change will lead to a fundamental shaking of our relationships, values and resources. all relationships, not just intimate ones, are undergoing deep deep transformation and all unhealthy ones are going to die – if we agree it will make the transformation easier (it is going to happen anyway).
if we don’t, we likely have to deal over a longer period with power struggles, tension, possessiveness, jealousy, blame, guilt, abuse, manipulation, control, compulsive behaviour, anxiety, fear.
our relationship to money, finance, etc, our relationship to what is valuable to us, our relationship to our own body, etc etc – they all will transform. for us. so we have what is important for us now. to grow, to be ourselves. the change and transformation can mean both, less or more. it all depends what we truly need now (not what we want).
there is a great beneficial and optimistic energy coming with this Full Moon. we have the possibility to open up more, to expand, to broaden our horizons, to use our more active and strong minds to live more and more spiritually, to increase our spiritual values, our relationship and trust with spirit, to grow spiritually.
use the Moon window between now and Monday (drum, walk the eight, meditate, etc) to enter the wide field of deep transformation and expansion
image credit: Bluehouse Skis / pixabay
Full Moon – 17.12.2021

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