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Super Mega New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – 4.12.2021

the next New Moon is on 4th December at 7.43 am UT
it is the Solar Eclipse following the Lunar eclipse of two weeks ago. they both open the new eclipse season. hold and intensify your intention!
it is also a Perigee New Moon, aka Super New Moon, i.e. the energies are amplified due to the strong pull of the Moon on the Earth’s magnetic field. it doesn’t matter that the Moon is not visible (because it is with the Sun). it is an extra powerful time for seeding and manifesting intentions!
being an eclipse plus a perigee moon makes it super mega – like possible higher than usual tides, earthquakes occurring, volcanos erupting etc, our emotions are wilder than normally.
this solar eclipse will also be unusual as the path of the total eclipse will move from east to west (only possible at the poles) across the Antarctica. 
Moon and Sun are at 12°22’ Sagittarius
conjunct Mercury (15°13’ Sagittarius), opposite Lilith (15°23’ Gemini), quincunx Uranus (11°38’ rx Taurus), sextile Saturn (9°14’ Aquarius), trine Chiron (8°32’ rx Aries), conjunct 2 fixed stars in the head of the DragonAlwaid in its eye and Kuma in its mouth, and it is close to one of the four keys stars in heaven, Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion
Mercury is out of bounds, adding more of the wild energies. 
clear is we can expect unexpected wild changes. how ever wild it will be and whatever those changes trigger in us of old wounds and demonised power, this super mega moon gives us the opportunity to face more of our fears. we can either go into anxiety and trying to control that which can’t be controlled or we trust, stay open and flexible to the change unfolding, accepting not to know, not being able to plan.
the Uranus-Saturn square is active and there is nothing we can do to stop the conflict of those two unfolding. 
the best place to be in is sitting at the knot – while the world falls apart, no-longer-useful structures, relationships collapse – trusting, going into the centre of our hearts, enhancing our energy field, increasing our personal vibration, focusing on love, compassion, kindness, gratitude. the electromagnetic field generated by the heart is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body. it is always our choice – in these changing times probably more important to remember than ever before. what we choose has a result, not only for us but also for the world around us. for me, to vibrate in love is the reason for being here, no matter what is going around me. it takes practice, some days are easier than others, dropping helps, so does meditation, pranayama, being in nature, talking to and being with likeminded people.
what can happen during the next weeks is an increase in violence, military operations, treachery, loss of property, pretended religion, criminal inclinations, sickness, wounds, blindness, accidents, death, setbacks, restrictions. how we respond to it is up to us. the more conscious we are of our responses the less we fall into the trap of fear (a trap we ourselves have co-created).  
during a Total Solar Eclipse the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, darkening the Sun. so for us the light is blocked out. we go from day to night to day in accelerated time. this gives us a shift of perception, of our sense of reality. it opens a window of being in-between-the worlds. we can re-vision, re-dream our reality. we can imagine a new timeline. time exists simultaneously. there is no past, present, future, only the now, and in the now we create. what we perceive as reality is based on where we place are attention and intention. so we can literally step from our old timeline into a new one now – depending on what we focus, place our intention on.
as a Total Solar Eclipse it opens a portal which allows us to tap into powerful, ageless healing wisdom that has the potential to restore and revitalise. like the Eclipse from the last eclipse season it allows us to do more shadow work – embracing them, integrating them and thus growing into who we truly are. we can move beyond the limits of our personal ego (which so often expresses as our negative shadow), we can move away from holding ourselves back into regaining and experiencing our power and strength, we can embrace our life force energy and find expressions that are healing for us and those around us. 
like the Lunar Eclipse from 2 weeks ago this solar one offers space to find expressions for the outcast, demonised feminine archaic power in ourselves. when faced with it we are also likely faced with the pain that resulted from having neglected it, having cut ourselves from it, having send this energy of ourselves into exile. it is a good time for seeing more clearly what we as a collective have done (over millennia) and how this has manifested in a personal manner in our lives. no-one to blame for, it is us who have done this. and it is us who can stop it. and allow ourselves to re-claim it. 
this eclipse allows us to see through the eyes of Python and Thyphon and speak through the mouth of Python and Thyphon. it teaches us that we can see and speak/express the truth when we do this from the place of our heart, when we keep our heart open and connected to the nourishing universal energies of the Above and the Below. this was also a theme from the last eclipse season, i.e. the process to engage with Python and Typhon, the healthy Chtonic Life Force Energies, continues, personally and collectively. 
it seems to be an invitation that we become more whole, gain earthly and cosmic consciousness, and develop the ability to experience anything willingly with acceptance. all things are equal in creation, even if the mind doesn’t think so. whatever we encounter whenever brings us the choice to grow and embrace new opportunities and/or changes. if we are that open we can connect into the unified field of love that permeates all creation, unifying the finite (body/manifest plane) and the infinite (spirit/unmanifest plane) within and beyond time and space. 
use the Moon window (drum, walk the eight – or sit at the knot- , meditate) whenever between Friday and Sunday to hold your intention 
image credit: Alvaro Coelho /pixabay
Super Mega New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – 4.12.2021

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