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Message from the Spirit World – 5.6.2020

In last Friday’s tele study circle we used the powerful energies of the lunar eclipse and followed the intention to connect with the cosmic mother, to receive all nourishment, to strengthen our character, our own sovereignty, our own medicine which we give.

The coagulation of all answers resulted in the following wonderful message:

In the secure arms of the stellar mother 
who’s love is limitless and never ending
who’s patience and courage is legendary
who forgives, gives and leaves space

listen to her steady strong heart beat, 
and drink her milk, the stellar light, the nectar of 
her abundant love, joy, patience, strength, courage, forgiveness
to become yourself a whole LIGHT-filled universe in your own sovereignty and own right.

Like her, you can set boundaries – in love
Like her, you can end things – in love
Like her, you can create and birth anew – in love
The old you, like the old world, is not the only possibility

She, full of confidence, joy and delight, makes
the old world dying,
a new green shoot pushing through the mud,
new stars and new worlds being birthed

Bath your heart in moon light and
disentangle your mind and your lineage
release unhealthy, un-wholy thoughts
release the traitors and liars amongst your ancestors

Find the cosmic rhythm 
that destroys and creates in endless movement
that strengthens and connects
that spans from the deep Roar beneath the Earth to the ecstatic madness above the Stars

Centre yourself right in the middle and focusssss
Feel the cosmic rhythm pulsating through you
and let your pelvic thrust guide your
dance among the stars and on the Earth

Take up your place that has always been yours
radiate your stellar de-light wherever you are
enjoy being a nurtured mother nurturing everything
within the endless flow

The stellar mother is giving her blessings
Your love is going to win this war
No opponent will be able to resist your hip swing
Trust the movement

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Message from the Spirit World – 5.6.2020

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