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Full Moon eclipse

The next full moon is Sunday 5th July, 4.43 am UT
It is the third and last of the three eclipses of the current eclipse season.
Like the first eclipse of this season (4 weeks ago) it is a penumbral eclipse (the Moon passes through Earth’s penumbral shadow.) It will be faintly visible in America, southwest Europe and Africa.
Moon is at 13°37′ Capricorn (Sun 13.37 Cancer)
opposite Mercury (7.26 Cancer rx), square Chiron (9.25 Aries), square Lilith (17.54 Aries), trine Uranus (10.00 Taurus), wide conjunction with Jupiter/Pluto (23.30/23.59 Capricorn), conjunct fixed stars Ascella  and the Sun is conjunct the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius.
This Full Moon, being eclipsed by a Sun that is in alignment with Sirius, creates an immense portal through which we can receive a direct energetic download.
Plus the Earth is at aphelion (furthest away from the Sun), thus getting the most possible transmission of light from the Sun and Sirius.
The eclipsed Moon acts like a black mirror in which we also can look to see those energies, those light codes of Sirius, which infuse the magnetic field of the Earth with divine /cosmic energies, awakening all life on Earth to greater love and understanding of the cosmic mysteries and our starry origins. When we open to these energies we receive star medicine that transforms our bodies. These higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness help us to speed up and evolve with the Earth, to shift our vibration, to become more light. 
This Full Moon eclipse offers new ways of communication. Retrograte Mercury is a good time to go within and to consider what we are about to say, to make sure we really want to talk about this. The Uranian aspects invites us to dare to talk about things our minds have not thought possible before. That gives some freeing up of the collective Chiron/Lilith issues. We can dare and talk about the „Chironic“ and „Lilithic“ wounds and pains that have been inflicted upon us, over generations, over millennia – either by ourselves or by others – and kept (as unattended wounds tend to do) festering in the dark. Though that is likely to hurt, bring forth grief, sadness, anger, the more we dare to look, witness and listen, the more cracks open in the old system and the more light gets in. 
The Full Moon adds to the changes that started with the last New Moon/ lunar eclipse and that also were further set into motion with the solar eclipse two weeks ago. They all together set the tone for the next half year. With this one we can make the last changes of formulating our clear intention, based upon what we receive.
On 30th June the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction took place (the first happened on 4th April and the third will occur on 12th November). Although these are the exact dates, we are experiencing the powerful energy of this conjunction throughout the year and into 2021, as they are not separating further than 5 degrees (max 10 degrees).
We are offered the expansion of our awareness. Jupiter allows us to get a wider, expanded, sense of what is possible. If we allow this, if we open up, we can see a vision of how we can live together on this Earth in a new more beneficial way. The Plutonic energy, if we allow it, takes down all structures that hinder these possibilities to manifest. It confronts us with our shadow, our fears and limiting beliefs that need to be worked with, transformed, that have to die, so that we can move forward.

That combination either throws one deeper into the fears and limitations and mobilises all kinds of control and manipulation mechanisms, or we surrender, trust the process, allow the alchemical work to happen, undergo transformation and become empowered in ways that we have never imagined before.
This happens individually as well as collectively. A Capricornian shadow is that we believe there is not enough – not enough resources, money, water, happiness, self worth, etc., that there is scarcity, that to live a happy abundant life one has to work hard, and or that one does not deserve more. This belief manifests collectively in the economic outcome of only a few people with all the wealth and power over others. With this belief we have created a huge imbalance. The ones left out feel ignored and unworthy, the people on top justify their power and harm others. Both sides have forgotten that we are all connected. 
With this conjunction we have the alchemical opportunity to purify our thoughts, words, feelings and actions so they become the gold, the elixir, the Philosopher’s Stone, of our existence.  For this to happen, to get empowered, we have to choose getting empowered and be willing to work with our individual shadow, deal with our own beliefs of self worth, look honestly at all that is holding us back from knowing our true divine nature.
The dying of the old definition, the old beliefs can feel scary, threatening, painful. But we have to die to be reborn into who we truly are. When we trust the process we can transform into a more empowered expression of who we are meant to be. When we place ourselves (the prima materia) into the alchemical pot, we magically transform, our awareness expands, our love expands, our wisdom expands, we are empowered.
The eclipse Moon is conjunct Jupiter/Pluto, and Lilith squares it. We have the opportunity to work with the pains, the suppressed powers, the false beliefs of thousands of years and to transform them. A great way to tune into this eclipse portal is to watch the eclipse. If one can’t watch it, to be open to receive the information during this time. Stilling our mind and listening we can receive insights and messages about our own personal transformational process and that of the Earth – to meditate, to walk the Eight are powerful ways to connect with the divine wisdom coming down via Sirius-Sun. To ponder about deep chronic wounds, suppression of one’s own power, one’s deepest fears, limitation / control / manipulation issues, are also helpful. 

image credit: geralt / pixabay

Full Moon eclipse

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