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Message from the Spirit World – 26.06.2020

The last coagulation pointed out once more how important witnessing and grieving is in regard to what we have afflicted upon us over the millennia. Thus our intention was: To be a witness. endure it, look at it, with all your love, with an open heart, witness, when tears start to fall, let them flow but don’t look away. Witnessing so long until all is honoured, until it is good, until it can flows, move. We are capable of doing this. We are asked to do this. If not we who else?!

No matter how often we have done that before – I know of many. It makes a difference when we do it together, not each of us for himself/herself, when we know we are witnessed doing this in a circle and are witnesses of the others at the same time; and when we do it with the Earth. She doesn’t need us, but we need her. And with this witnessing we align with her again. The separation, the cutting off can drop, flow, pass. And we can de-froze, start moving, vibrating with her again.

Do you feel grief when you witness the uncountable deaths?
That’s because in that moment you see your own death.

Do you feel anger and sadness when you see someone else harming any part of creation?
That’s because in that moment you see yourself causing harm.

Do you feel the immense power and strength of the victims once they are seen?
That’s because in that moment your heart touches your suffering, melting the shield around your strength.

Do you feel the energy of the perpetrators changing when you are the witness and utter the words “I see you. Your deeds will not be forgotten”?!
That’s because in that moment you say this to yourself, healing all moments your light was not seen, forgotten by yourself. 

Do you as a witness feel the cracks opening in your body and the light coming in?
That’s because in that moment your frozen hearts soften through which you had separated yourself from Source.

Do you feel yourself becoming lighter?
That’s because in that moment your grey heavy cloaks of the past crumble under the light.

Do you feel that you are not alone?
That’s because in that moment you open to the universal field, lifting the veil of separation to the many light beings standing around you.

That’s when the force of true power, Love, assists 
you in turning and facing a new future
you in changing from enslavement into freedom
you in walking in unity and sovereignty.

We see you
We thank you for your witnessing.
Witnessing creates light.

Over eons the continuous dance has unfolded
from the golden light into the dark darkness and back again.
Over eons your soul has tried out various steps of this dance, some simple, some utterly complex sequences.
Over eons you tried to suppressed and brought forth the light.

See this and understand
light is 
whether you see its shining radiating brilliance or the absence of it
Light can not be destroyed
Light, the dance, is eternal.

See this and understand 
the difference
when you choose to be seen or dim your light
You can not be destroyed
You are part of the dance, you are eternal.

Yet you choose.
It is the absence of light that makes evil possible
When you bring in the light, evil can not continue to exist
The frequency of light alone brings forth the change.

image credit: thobar / pixabay

Message from the Spirit World – 26.06.2020

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