Hieros Gamos

More and more people have become conscious about the unbalance between women and men which we have created over millennia. The gap of separation is huge, projections and disappointments are predestined. How do drop out of the patriarchal roundabout? And not to jump straight away onto another already made one?  

The energy window of the big Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is asking for completely new structures. “The king is dead, long live the king”. Likewise our inner king, who decides in which relationships we live in, how we see us and others, how we define ourselves as women and men, is allowed to die and with him all unusable structures.  

Those who are ready to compost the old relationship structures are invited to the new threefold seminar cycle. No successfully completed seminars and no foreknowledge are required. All it needs is the yearning for fulfilled vital relationships, to be weary of the old battle of the sexes and the old gender roles, to be fed up with searching and ready for finding in creating, the knowledge that change in the outer world begins inside, the wish to do away with the suffering that results from suppressing and restraining certain aspects, to accept the freedom and the responsibility going hand in hand with it, the readiness to meet oneself and the other in a new way.

You are your own gyroscope on the discovery journey with the archetypes of your holy masculinity and femininity. You set the speed and direction of their change. You create yourself and them in the endless dance with the timeless female and male creational forces while they carry out their and your Sacred Marriage. 

960.- €

The registration  applies for the whole course and is binding

05.-07. June 2020
11.-13. September 2020
06.-08. November 2020


picture source: indiamart.com

Hieros Gamos

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