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Protect yourself

Some experts say that there appears to be a link with high radiation areas and death from the Covid-19 virus.
Doctors are generally giving the advice of keeping away from WiFi as much as possible.

The virus might not be the worst we have to deal with but the radiation. It might be too late and 5G will be installed while we are too busy with hiding in our homes, paying attention of keeping the right distance to other people and concentrating on the updates of the pandemic.

If you can‘t switch of WiFi in your home or live close to a power station there is still something you can do.

Lay or sit comfortable, close your eyes, and drop into your heart, into the space in the middle of your chest. Give yourself all the love you have, fill your whole body with love. In this feel your full sovereignty (even if you in some parts of your daily life don‘t have it). Visualise yourself in this state in the middle of the field of everything, of all-that-is, of all creation, including the spirit of WiFi (and or 5G). See how it looks like for you, how it shows itself to you. You accept it as part of creation. You don‘t need to destroy it but from your place of your absolute sovereignty and with love you send it away, you tell it that from this moment onward you take away its permission to enter your field.

Another way what can let us survive high radiation is by increasing our frequency, by becoming like the light, by changing our body into what the ancient are calling the light body, by becoming homo luminus.

This has nothing to do with the light we see. As important as the sun is for us and the planet (spend us much time in the sun, supplement Vit D if necessary), we equally need enough time of darkness so our pineal gland can produce sufficient melatonin. It is not only better to sleep without WiFi but also with all artificial light sources switched off. 

Ayahuasca is one of the best teachers about one‘s own light. So it doesn‘t surprise me why it has been so active over the last 30 years, trying to teach as many people as possible. Considering the current situation it is also not surprising that it has been outlawed since it has the real capacity to switch on our inner lights. As it is illegal in most countries you have to find places on this planet where it is safe to take it. 

One safe way to make your body a body of light (and which practice no one can ban) is by bathing your endocrine glands in love and gratitude. Make this to a daily practice. Lay down, or sit comfortable with an upright spine, close your eyes and focus on each of the glands for some minutes, sending them your love and gratitude, bathing them, each at a time, in it. Perceive (see/feel) how each gland responds when you send your gratitude and love. At the end focus on your entire endocrine system and perceive how the energy circles through you.

Sound does effect the light body as all parts of the body, every cell, sing and resonate with one another in – if you can hear it – beautiful vibrations (only if something is wrong with an organ, it doesn’t sing ‘true,’). One way to increase your body‘s healthy vibration is also by humming.

Meditating with the light also builds of the light body. There is a call by several different people for a joined meditation on 5th April at 2.45 am UT, during the time when Jupiter comes into conjunctions with Pluto (1.48-5.16 am UT). Others are also inviting to meditate at that time, for example.

I personally don‘t like to fight anything but be for something. Fighting gives fuel to that which you fight. It is not about destroying 5G but to focus on our light.


Protect yourself

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